10 Inspirational Websites in 2012


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  • Hi
    All the sites looks classy. Nice lists of the inspirational sites. Really these sites are inspirational. Well i took time and visited all the sites mentioned here. Clickedbycarol has some high class wedding pics. I am really touched to see the pics. Some pics were there from Indian families too. Nice and modern style of viewing the pics.
    Benthebodyguard is another great looking and useful site that grabbed my attention. Nicel and unique way of branding!!!
    Good work !!! thanks for the share.!!

  • Anasta Gianni

    The Norwegian site is really amazing! When I tried the trick with the tractor button exactly like you said, a new window opened with wonderful background scenery. Then I pressed the right arrow key and the tractor moved to the right, then it became a pink fishing boat, then a yellow limo scrolling through snow covered land (their imagination is just unbelievable!). Finally it stopped just outside Las Vegas! I think the designers who created this site did an excellent inspirational job. I also predict that the volume of products sold through this site will increase sharply. The best way for this site to become widely known to the public, so all this great work won’t be wasted is word of mouth, and I believe every single visitor will share and bookmark this site.

  • reeha@inkjet

    Fantastic list. thanks for this inspirational post. All these sites got fantastic themes and colour selection is amazing.

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