Australia’s Finest Sequel – Part Two

Mars Cureg

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  • jasonhamster

    wow the illustrations remind me of the graphics
    from the squaresoft's final fantasies!!


  • Ax so likey the creepiness of the animals and man formed together. i like the illumination. same feeling of drinking ampalaya juice.

    • lols, I like the you feel Ax, you just reminded me about my lunch while ago, ampalaya con carne men!

      • Yup. Ampalaya Juice. Yawts. Now I am into eggplant. It got anti oxidants! I'll try visiting Daboss' website. I want to see more of his creations of.

  • pinkdiaries

    wow! another finest sequel that makes me so speechless! nice post again.. 🙂

    • I am happy to know that you appreciated the theme of my post

  • pinkdiaries

    wow, another post that makes me so speechless!

  • flamindevil

    for some reasons, these photos remind me of my xmen trading cards when i was a child..i dunno how to explain, these pics give me natural high.hehe

  • livingstain

    nice pictures but i cannot understant it, and i think, Filipino are much better than australian… like you, you are so good.

    • you got the point that Filipino are better, but unfortunately I dont have much time to swarm to the deepest just to find their masterpiece on the internet, I am having hard time to compile contest on each post that I am having, if you wish to join me as a contributor, i would be glad.

  • TSI

    I haven't visited Daboss' site but based on the images above, kinda weird for me but like it though..i didn't understand he's imagination on this, quite disturbing i must say.

    • i think he got his inspirations from the his nightmares 🙂

  • TSI

    I did make some comments here, where is it?

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  • Awesome . Got some more . Really great art work with this sequel. Thanks for sharing this nice post.