Photography Logo Design and 20 Common Examples


Logo is very important to any organizations and other non-commercial entities as it give a solid identity or trademark.  Logo design is critical in the part of the designers.

You have noticed during the past that photography is one of the topic that is visible from this blog. Its been quite a long years that I am self proclaiming myself as a photographer that start abuses Canon 10D, 20D, 50D, Mark II and currently 7D.

Until now and I am planning in the future to start my photography business, but with the watermark alone I cannot decide on what I am going to design for it. I must have the correct logo design to represent my photography identity.

So its time to cultivate some example and pull inspiration from it. Try to observed how these twenty logo design on how they uses similar elements, word, shape and color.


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  • busyokology

    nice mate. simple logos yet elegant.

    • Mars

      simple sometimes make them stand out from the others

      • Jupiter

        He means it in a positive way…

  • {rg}

    Very nice collection – bookmarked straight away.

    Some time ago we are also in a logo pitch for a company called Kamera-Express in The Netherlands. Our proposal was loved by management and marketing – but shareholders decided that the other company “won”…

    Our proposal :
    The winning logo :

    Go figure … :)

  • kpcamota

    nice collection of logo ^^

  • Patrik Smit

    Great work.It is so simple and neat.

  • Tibor Szabadi

    Simplicity is beauty as what they say!and yes your collection is really simple yet it so elegant!

    • Mars

      thanks for the compliment mate

  • Diana Eftaiha

    i love the bob donlon logo. simple and elegant

  • Logo Design

    cool collection once again. whats common in all these logos is a use of camera design or something that represent photography such as lense. Are you looking to start your own photography business?


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