Tips to get your Logo Design Effectively


Just the way you put your signature in a slam book, companies too leave a mark in market and is best achieved through a ‘Logo’. A simple design can become a brand identity if created and marketed in a proper way. A successful logo can bring recognition to the brand and help people identify the brand with respect and admiration. Designing such an effective logo needs lot of care, precaution, forethought and patience.

A logo can consist of a single design or a combination of many design objects. It can also flash a small caption or a couple of words usually placed below the logo design though there are few logos which have proved to be successful even without any caption.

Simple but effective design: Never try to overdo the logo designs. Keep them as simple as possible. Remove the extra weight and unnecessary elements in the design. At the same time, keep the logo design very effective. A simple sketch should be able to effectively convey the brand name and the product in a most relevant manner. Have you ever wondered a simple fruit like an apple, could do wonders for ‘i’ products, or a simple ‘Tick’ mark is able to carry a huge brand name like ‘Nike’?

Color palette :  Use color combinations carefully to suit your business and brand. It is usually not advisable to use a mixture of more than three colors in the design, unless the design is extremely promising; ‘Windows logo’ being the best example.

Caption: A caption, one liner, tag line, slogan whatever you call, Choose the apt one for your brand. It can be describing the product and services or simply signify confidence and trust. ‘Diamonds are forever’ of DeBeers, ‘I’m loving it’ of McDonalds, ‘Just do it’ of Nike, ‘Drive home a relationship’ of Hyundai Santro are classic examples. Try to avoid lengthy captions. Remember if you can’t find a good one liner, it is better not to have any! If you are not convinced, ask Puma!

Balance: make the right balance with the design, shape, color and caption. If your logo is an aggressive one, the colors should be bold and attractive. The Leaping Puma of Puma brand is best to explain this. Caption should also be supplementing the expression of the logo. ‘The ultimate driving machine’ – BMW!

Timeless designs: let your logo design not fade away or become irrelevant with time. Once created, the brand should grow along with the logo; the people who trust a brand name will always search or relate to that unique logo of yours knowingly or unknowingly in the market.

Let your logo be unique, special, permanent and a quality one. Remember creativity and innovation has no limits!


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