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000WebHost is among the popular free web hosting and building services out there. Are you planning to try it out soon? Read more about it below:

What 000WebHost Promises

000WebHost is a popular choice for people who want to avail of many web-related services:

Free web hosting. 000WebHost is among a few websites in the world that offer free web ​hosting that does not compromise on the quality of the services. An even better thing ​about this is the fact that there is no advertising that is involved. Just sign up and you ​will already be able to experience these functionalities.

PHP, MySQL support. 000WebHost is unique in that it also provides support to MySQL and​​ PHP, something that is practically unheard of in other free web hosts. These ​functionalities almost do not have limitation, which means features like Curl, XML and ​​ Zend can be used.

Free website building. The hosting that 000WebHost provides also gives access to free website ​building. This website building functionality is among the easiest to use. In fact, it is so ​easy that it just has three steps.

Expanded bandwidth and disk space. By signing up to an account in 000WebHost, you are ​given an almost unlimited bandwidth and space. This means more opportunities and ​space for your company to grow.

99 percent uptime guarantee. Worried about downtimes? 000WebHost has a reputation of ​having a 99 percent uptime. This means there will be lesser risks of your website having ​an outage.

Easy installation. Not all website owners have the technical know-how to do things by ​themselves. The good thing about having to use 000WebHost is it only involves a one ​click website installer. It has a library of more than 50 popular scripts that you can  utilize ​for your website. ​

Secure data. 000WebHost has its own servers, which are housed in the best possible data ​centers. So you do not have to worry about your site being shut down or your data ​​being breached.

Why Choose 000WebHost


000WebHost says that their biggest strength as a free web hosting service is the fact that there are no hidden costs and restrictive terms that are associated with them. All the features like reliability and amazing user support will be at the tip of your fingers.

Free Features

  • Free domain name hosting – As you may already know by now, domain names are important in establishing an online brand. 000WebHost provides a free domain name hosting service that is incomparable to others in the market.
  • Huge amount of bandwidth – Bandwidth is an important component of the functionality of a website. The fact that you have 10 GB that comes with your account is already a big thing.
  • Enormous disk space – More or less a gigabyte of disk space can already store a lot of data in your web server.
  • Integrated Cpanel web hosting admin panel – cPanel makes the process of hosting a web site simpler for all parties involved. This is especially great for non-techy admin users.


There are three packages available for account users:


Without costing anything at all, you can already build 2 websites, along with 5 email forwarders, 2 MySQL databases, 1000 MB disk space and 10000 bandwidth. This is enough for you to build that dream website of yours.

Premium Silver

The most popular package comes with unlimited number of websites, bandwidth and disk space. It also contains three times as much optimized speed. This can be availed of for $3.49 per month.

Premium Gold

For $7.95, you can avail of unlimited number of websites, disk space, email accounts and bandwidth. It is also equipped with twice as much processing power, daily backups and live support.

Earn Money with 000WebHost

000WebHost has a strong affiliate program that almost anyone in the world can participate in. In this affiliate program, you are basically earning money even as you are trying to have people sign up for free services. Neat, right?

In this program, the affiliate can earn either $5 or $100, depending on how many active clients you are going to be able to sign up to the service. For those who can only recruit 5 users, $5 will be your reward. The $100 payment will be sent to you if you are able to sign up 100 active users.

So how exactly are you able to earn the money? When you sign up, you will be getting your own personal referral link. After that, you can already start promoting it and have them sign in your own link.

The affiliate marketing program of 000WebHost is primed and designed for you to really earn money. This is why there are 50 banners and special marketing kits that may help in convincing visitors to sign up. They also have a forum finding tool as it has been learned that forums facilitate the biggest conversion.

The Verdict

000Web Host is a good way to get into free hosting and website building due to the amazing service and functionalities that they provide. They will be able to assist your dream of putting up a website for your personal or business use. The packages give more than what their price is worth.

Even when you already have advanced experience in the web industry, what 000WebHost is offering should still feel like a good bargain for you considering that it already provides unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email in a few of its packages.

Overall, it is understandable why 000WebHost is among the market leaders that is dominating the web hosting industry. All this can be achieved without necessarily burning a hole in your pocket.

About 000WebHost and Hostinger

Hostinger owns the 000WebHost brand and has been providing web hosting services for more than 10 years now. Founded in 2004, Hostinger is based in Lithuania. It has served more than 29 million clients spread over 178 countries. 000WebHost is one of their main services and provides a big chunk of the 20,000 new clients that sign up to their services on a daily basis.


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