10 Amazing Creations You Can Make With 3D Printing

If you can print with 2D printing then why not 3D. 3D is already available in the market to gratify your artistic pleasure. There are numerous creations which you can try. Here is a list of ten amazing creations which you can make with 3D printing.

  • Arms at paperYou can have fun to print and visualize arm gun on the paper. You need a 3 D printer for this. You should have a 3d printer for that. Many public defense services ask for the print out of fire guns as they need manual and this is mandatory to maintain the records. The print of the arm gun would also help the selling companies to sell the arms and demonstrate to sellers in a better manner.
  • 3D guitarA 3D guitar which you cannot just see but guitar players can play this too. A designer has created and made it possible for others. All you need to create a guitar is plastic, heel joint and metallic cover. You can also create replicas for a music band.
  • Lens of the cameraThis is very difficult to create a manual camera lens. But this becomes easier with 3D printing. The functioning and quality of the picture increase too as compared to manual camera lens. The digital technology undoubtedly reduces the labor. The speed to capture photographs and everything else takes shorter time.
  • Japanese fluteShakuhachi is a Japanese flute which is made out of stainless steel. This can be easily printed on the paper with the help of 3D printing. A consumer can purchase it in different finishing like gold, black metal. There is an availability of various colors and metals according to the choice of the buyer. Moreover, you should have budget of two hundred thirty nine dollars to buy a flute. The flute is a very beautiful gift for creative and imaginative persons.
  • Rigid hiddle loomIf you like weaving or this is your profession you can print Rigid Hiddle Loom. This is very beneficial. Moreover, this is very easy to create with raw material which is screwed together. The particular 3D modular program can be used for 3D printing. Historical data and pictures can help a lot to collect the useful and appropriate information for creating this ancient manual machinery.
  • FetusThis is one of the most interesting bliss of 3D printing for expecting moms. Japanese companies provide you the printed foetus of your baby. So that you could store and share, memorize this period in your further life with your kids. The interested parents have to pay one thousand two hundred seventy five dollars to purchase and collect the printed copy of the foetus. The emotional gift has been entitled ‘ shape of an angel’. Bio texture is required for capturing the 3D image.
  • Medical Models 3D printedThis is a new revolution in the medical world. The doctors and other medical personnel can explore their research. Moreover, this is a cheaper substitute for doctors. The models are so accurate that they can feel the surgery like realistic during practice without harming the body of the being.

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