10 Amazing Examples of Canvas Art

In the world of ‘art & craft’, there exists a wide and varied selection of canvas art themes ranging from abstract to movie greats. These canvas prints can either be framed or unframed, and one of the prime benefits with printing on canvas is that clients have a great deal of control over the final product appearance. For instance, a beautiful landscaped theme has the potential to completely transform a room’s wall into vibrant vista of nature’s bounty.

One of the reasons why canvas is preferred is that these products are durable and they may last a lifetime if properly taken care of. Canvases are available in different sizes and can therefore fit in small spaces to mural sized prints that cover an entire wall. Their prices also vary from few pounds to several hundred pounds.

Canvas is also available in different varieties styles such as gallery mounted chunky frames that come ready to be hanged on the wall.

We’ve picked out some amazing examples of canvas art:-

Animal Canvas Art

These varieties come with a fabulous, spiritual, confronting, and exciting animal art imprinted on them. Artists with the right skills paint different species of animals such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, tigers, and lions among others on the material. These images are professionally 100% hand painted on the canvas by the artists. These animal pictures painting on the material will then have the potential to transform either the home or office into an exotic experience.

Abstract Canvas Themes

There are various abstract wall art prints with extensive selection of over 150 unique themes to choose from. They mainly represent modern themes such as current technology. Most abstract prints are available in 5 standard frame sizes that results in an infinite customisation options.

Coastal Canvas Art

This type mainly deals with coastal scenes. It is also possible to choose from the many available aquatic scenes, or you can even choose an image from a family portrait straight from your camera devices. Our company has the capability to transform your digital photos into stunning canvas artwork.

Contemporary Canvas Art

This mainly involves art that has been produced during this present time, or artwork that has been produced since World War two. Such art work brings in new life to any wall in the home or office and they deliver warmth and texture for anything ranging from a large open space to a bijoux apartment.

Food and Beverage Canvas Themes

These are mainly used in dining areas or coffees shops. They are available in different varieties such as; Strawberry and cream, fancy tart pie, have a slice, two pears pierced, cigars & brandy, Zin-FinDel, Fruit & wine, Grapes, Midnight Blue, taste of summer and Apricots among others.

Vintage Canvas Art

These are mainly designed for people who are young at heart and also cherish a memory for their past life. They are also regarded to as the romantic collection that pays tribute to the past that is still present and fresh on the mind. These products are whimsical, cheeky, and Feminine delightful collection that enables individuals reminisces the past.

Asian Art

This particular theme provides harmony courtesy of its colour, design and beauty. The design is mostly inspired by the Japanese Shinto that searches for balance and peace with nature. The theme harmoniously complements with oriental, minimalist, or natural inspired interior design. Buyers can select oriental art pieces that complement with the lounge and bedroom, and those that can also be hanged on the indoor-outdoor living space.

Flora and Fauna

This mainly deals with indigenous plants and wildlife. This particular theme mainly tries to portray the amazing wonders and beauty of Mother Nature. Images printed depict wildlife, jungle life, plants especially the rare species, and also insects. World heritage sites such as Pyramids of Egypt, Fort Jesus, and Great Wall of China can also be included.

New York Botanical Gardens

This is one of the most amazing themes and it depicts one of the premier botanical gardens in the United States that spans well over 250 acres. This particular garden consists of some of the world’s leading plant laboratories with exotic species of flowers.

Landscape Canvas Art

These mainly deal with the normal landscape scene. However, good artists have perfected the art of developing masterpieces from rare scenes hence producing such scenery on special material like canvas.

Let us know what other amazing canvas artwork you have come across!

Sarah Francis is a passionate wildlife photographer and artist. Thanks to Fotoviva Canvas Prints for the beautiful range of canvas art illustrating this piece.


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