10 Apps for Web Developers on the Move

One of the great things about the mobile and cloud revolution is the power it gives developers to work from anywhere. Your workstation is no longer confined to the desktop or the laptop; with a mobile or a tablet, you can edit your documents, tweak your files and access your web server on the go. Let’s take a look at ten essential apps in every developer’s toolbox:

1. Mobile GA for Android

Google Analytics is the go-to analytics software of choice for most marketers, developers and SEO agents. Mobile GA for Android brings all the features of Google Analytics to your Android phone. It’s fast, stable and efficient with handy tools to let you know your Google Analytics summary on the move.

An alternative to Mobile GA is Analytix, also for Android.

2. DropBox

The DropBox app on iOS and Android brings the power and functionality of cloud storage to your desktop. With the ability to sync and store files across multiple platforms, the DropBox app is manna for developers, who can finally edit and access their files from any device and see the changes updated across all their computers in real-time. Access to DropBox itself is free with 2-GB of storage space, though you can upgrade to 100GB of storage for just $9.99/year. There are dedicated apps for Android, iOS and Blackberry.

3. WordPress Mobile

WordPress is the development platform of choice for thousands of developers, designers and bloggers. Android and iOS apps of the world’s favorite blogging software bring the features and functionality of WordPress to your smartphone or tablet.

4. iMockups for iOS

iMockups is the design tool of choice for developers and designers on the iOS platform, a powerful and efficient website mockup tool that is great for creating wire-frames and sketching out site designs. The interface is extremely intuitive with good use of multi-touch gestures.

5. SilverEdit

Tweaking your websites on the move? Then you’ll find no better friend than SilverEdit for Android, a robust and efficient web editing tool for designers and developers. You can edit your files online, or take them offline and edit them at your own leisure. The SilverEdit Lite app is for free, while the full-fledged editor is $3.99.

6. Nebulous Notes for iOS

The Nebulous Notes app plugs into your DropBox account and provides an easy to use tool to access and edit your files. You can create macro-shortcuts to streamline your work-flow, sync files seamlessly across multiple devices, and see changes reflected in real-time in a dedicated preview pane: exactly what every developer needs.

7. Remember the Milk

Good developers tend to be obsessive about productivity. This is where Remember the Milk steps in, one of the internet’s favorite to-do lists. The interface is free of the clutter and bloat that maligns most to-do apps, the you can sync your to-do lists across multiple devices by switching to the pro version. For the sheer sake of simplicity, there is no better productivity app on iOS or Android.

8. AndFTP

AndFTP brings a powerful and feature-rich FTP client to your Android device. It supports FTP, SFTP, SCP and FTPS transfer protocols, the ability to edit. view and rename files directly in-app, multiple FTP account support, and a real-time file browser. Think of it as FileZilla transplanted to your Android device.

9. kWIS

The Android OS is built upon a Linux foundation, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that it can be used as a fast and efficient web-server. The kWIS app for Android lets you do exactly that: use your Android device as a full-fledged web server. The server is fast and easy to set-up: perfect for testing out apps and websites before launch.

10. PocketCloud Remote Desktop

PocketCloud is a powerful VNC client for accessing the files on your computer through your mobile device. With enterprise grade security, support for VNC/RDP protocols, and hands-off ‘auto-discovery’ setup, PocletCloud is one of the best VNC clients for Android and iOS. Little wonder that it was the most awarded mobile office app in the Apple app store.

This list captures just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless other apps for developers on the Android and iOS platforms. With the Windows Phone platform and its integration with Windows 8, the app market for developers is bound to heat up even further!

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