Here are 10 Best Wedding WordPress Themes You Can Try

This is the season to get married! However, weddings can become crazy with all those stuff about venues, a lot of guests, invitations, catering, wedding decorations and everything else that makes a wedding complete. In this regard, having a website simplifies things that are complicated. WordPress has some great wedding themes that you can use if you’re planning to set up a website for your wedding or your business.

  1. CelebrationCouples who are into stylish but minimalistic should choose the Celebration WordPress theme for their wedding site. Rookies at website designing can do the job done in minutes and you get the benefit of having an online shop or a registry if you wish. All the layouts available are fully responsive and you can manipulate menus, headers and even social media buttons however you like it.
  2. QaweenMeant for couples with a personality, the Qaween WordPress theme has hundreds of Google Fonts available and almost every color palette imaginable. All the essential features can be found on the theme like a slideshow, photo gallery, RSVP form and even a countdown timer. It’s the kind of theme you’d go for if you’re into a modern wedding website that is simple but have plenty of rooms for images.
  3. Just MarriedJust Married is the WordPress theme for those who look at their wedding as an adventure. This theme comes with a responsive design that works on multiple browsers. It also comes with great features – far better than standard ones – like a gift registry, a better RSVP module, lightboxes photo galleries and more.
  4. MarriageMarriage is a seamless WordPress theme that is SEO-ready, which makes it best for business. It also comes with a minimal design that is easily customizable using text elements, widgets, sliders, Google Fonts, pages for contact form and a photo album. This theme is recommended to those who are really organized and appreciates the simplicity of white backgrounds.
  5. CuckooLoveThe CuckooLove WordPress theme comes with an e-Shop functionality so it’s perfect for those who wish to set up a formal wedding website as part of their business. Just as well, the theme includes features needed for a wedding like an RSVP tool, a guestbook, image galleries, and different post types for events, guests, and photos.
  6. The Wedding DayCompared to other themes on this list, The Wedding Day WordPress theme is for those who are pros at developing a website or have no idea whatsoever about website making. This theme includes a print template for a wedding invitation and the bonus of 23 video tutorials in HD to help you make your website beautifully.
  7. SoulSoul is the kind of WordPress theme that provides a great website with vibrant colors and a bold style. This theme includes wedding-specific features as well as several customization options from templates, post types, colors, and custom widgets. Most of the content present on site using this theme is in grid format making it look very clean and organized.
  8. Wedding IndustryThe Wedding Industry theme will make your WordPress site for your wedding a unique one thanks to its vast customization options. With this theme, you can even create your own online shop or do with a wedding registry. The highlight of this theme is the countdown timer, the wedding date, and of course a picture of the bride and groom with their information.
  9. Wedding DayWhat makes the Wedding Day WordPress theme a good one is that it’s comes with a full-width design that is responsive and provides a smooth transition with its sliders and effects. The theme provides a classic and elegant photo album on its home page with dedicated pages for the wedding ceremony. On top of that, you get a stylish blog with plenty of features that you can customize.
  10. Wedding SuiteThe Wedding Suite WordPress theme is your go-to theme if you wish to plan a wedding well. It comes with a clean design that is very responsive – loading times are no problem at all. There’s a countdown timer, a guestbook and the lot of options you need to plan and make a wedding turn out great. For this theme, you get unlimited options for layout and design that are all elegant and easy to build.

There are many more wedding themes in WordPress that you can find for your website. Just remember that when choosing your theme, pick one that will best reflect your personality as a couple.

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