10 Examples of Weird and Wonderful Exhibition Stands

Graphic design is everywhere you look. In the signage you drive past, the logos on your fast food packaging, and the flyers that land in your letter box. We all know good graphics are a great way to promote our businesses.

They’re the first thing your customers see, and the thing that sets you apart from your competition. But one of the most effective means of design, is often overlooked by marketers. And if companies like Cadbury, Audi, and Nokia are doing it; why aren’t you?

Examples of Exhibition Graphics

Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to promote your latest product. And a well designed, eye-catching stand will make your customers sit up and take note. Here we look at 10 examples of weird and wonderful exhibition stands from some big – and some not so big – names:

  1. Cadbury

    Confectionary giant Cadbury are famed for their purple branding and quirky designs. This eye-catching custom stand looks good enough to eat! Complete with chocolate splodges and spoon, this stand looks just like the company’s range of desserts. The unique stand matches Cadburys’ brand identity, and is sure to be a main attraction at any exhibition. 
  2. Nokia

    Quirky and clever, exhibition regulars Nokia have the perfect stand for their brand. With an archway that looks just like headphones, this stand will have made a huge impact at the show. This is a great example of how you can incorporate your products into your exhibition graphics and stand.
  3. UBoot

    Created from suspended ribbons, it would be impossible to ignore the stand for this social networking site. With a crisp colour scheme, seating area, and undoubtedly interesting tale behind the designs; this stand is one of a kind. 
  4. Open House

    With its orange and black colour scheme, unusual shaping, and clever typography, this is a great example of weird and wonderful exhibition stand design. Just by looking at the stand, you won’t know what the company does. But that is sometimes to secret to great stand design. Engaging your customers and getting them to ask questions may just bag you a sale. 
  5. Sheila’s Wheels

    Car insurance provider Sheila’s Wheels is renowned for its clear and consistent corporate branding. The car, the dresses, and the pink are all associated with the company, so they’re an important part of the stand. This is great in its design because it is simple, instantly recognisable, and effective. 
  6. Audi

    Audi really get it right with this crazy exhibition stand. Promoting their A1 model, the stand is in the shape of the letter, with huge signage above it. And that’s it. The stand is both weird and wonderful, and is completely in keeping with what the company does best. They’re so well known, they don’t need extra details to explain themselves. 
  7. Micro Lights

    This quirky and colourful exhibition stand is great for grabbing customers’ attention, and then discussing sales in private. The four alcove areas are secluded enough for you to enter into your sales pitch, but open enough to see what’s going on elsewhere on your stand. The bright lights and colours really showcase the products, and entice customers into seeing what else is on offer. 
  8. Discus Dental

    If you have a fear of the dentist, this is definitely not the stand for you! The design crisp white and very in keeping with the traditional design you’d expect. The blue, circular signage, bright lights, and large photography will stand out in a dull exhibition hall. 
  9. KPMG

    Simple and sparse, there seems to only be sofa’s to this exhibition stand. The custom and creative design reflects a laid back and chilled out environment. It looks like somewhere you want to sit and talk business. This is the impression you want to give your customers; you’re approachable, friendly, and genuinely care. 
  10. McAfee 

    Online security specialists McAfee really stand out from the crowd with their weird but very wonderful 2-storey exhibition stand. With handing signage in vibrant colours, a striking carpet, and private seating areas; this stand is somewhere you want to be.

Have you seen any great examples of weird and wonderful exhibition graphics?

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