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With over million of blogs in existence, how do people find your blog in the internet? The key starts with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is an art of making your website/content popular to the search engines and also to understand how relevant is your content to the search queries. WordPress is one of the best platform which takes care of about 80% of the SEO mechanics according to the Matt Cutt’s word who is a chief in the Gooogle spam department. To overcome the disasters and to bloom in the internet, WordPress community develops many SEO WordPress Plugins to help us. Here I list you top10 seo plugins which help you to rank your website more higher and tell search engine robots what to optimize in your website.

All in one SEO Pack

all in one

The most important facts in seo are meta tags, title and url structure. All these can be easily customized using this wordpress plugin. This plugin automatically optimizes the wordpress site for search engines. I hope this is one of the best solution pack for wordpress site’s search engine optimization. It supports many features like google analytics support, support for custom post types, etc.

XML sitemap generator

This plugin allows the search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc to crawl your website more easily. Thus the sesrch engines can index the site much more better. It retrives all the urls of the site and show in a single page so the the search engine can crawl the website more efficiently. The plugin supports all kinds of WordPress generated pages as well as custom URLs.

SEO content control

This plugin helps you to check the weak conents in the wordpress site. In sesrach engines point of view meta description is very important to identify what is your site about. Many wordpress site owners forget to include meta description for their contents. Thus this plugin will identify those troublesome areas.

Broken link checker

Broken links are major problem in seo. It brings a negative impacts on your site as well it reduces your rankings of your site. This WordPress broken link plugin ensures all the pages in your site, blog are in good working order. If any links are broken immediately it notifies you and gives you various solutions to overcome it. By using this plugin in your wordpress site you can easily monitor all pages, comments, etc. in a easy way.

SEO friendly image

Search engine do not crawl your images as it crawls only the text, it is very important to optimize your image name with alt tag attributes in order to rank higher in search engines. Placing a right name for your images is one of the key element in seo as search engine indexes the texts not images . For example image can be named as “My favourite image.jpg” instead of “img1%225%.jpg”.

Redirection plugin

WordPress re-direction plugin helps you to never lose your page ranks. You sometimes change your blog from one spot to another or you may change your website for many reasons. This plugins help you in that kind of issues. It is better doing 301 redirection while shifting your blog spot instead your getting 404 errors. This WordPress plugins helps you to do redirection easily in the wordpress sites as you do not need much codings correction.

SEO Rank Reporter

As it implies it is useful for generating your site traffic rank, you can get a rank report for a specific keyword and you can compare it with all your competitors. You can also set an alert so that you can be notified if any changes happened. All the results( rank reports) are shown in graphical representation or exported in .csv files.

W3 Total cache

Page speed is one of the main seo factor. The pages are to be loaded fast as the search engines needs to crwal each and evry pages in the website. This is not only for search engines even the users wish to have good page loading speed. This plugin helps you to attain a good loading speed of your page. As your pages takes more time for loading the visitors will come back without viewing your pages, thus it leads to bounce rate and it affects the page rank of your website. All these can be avoidded by using this W3 cache WordPress plugins.

SEO Platinum Pack

This SEO plugin for WordPress comes with many features which helps you in doing better SEO. It includes automatically generating meta tags, helping you optimize page and post titles for search engines, and aiding you in avoiding duplicate content.

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  • Hey Mars, Thanks for sharing amazing SEO WordPress plugins. I like All in one SEO pack for unique meta creation for every blog post which is useful in search engine ranking.