10 Free Icon Set Resources

Internet users are more attracted to images than just text, so using icons on a page helps the user find what they are looking for. When users can navigate through a site easily, they are more likely to stay on longer and return to the site later when they need it.

Icons can be used for a shopping cart, knowledge base, picture gallery or other use. Icons don’t just attract the eye better than text, they are also easier to recognize. Use common images for site features so users will be able to find what they are looking for by scanning the page. Also, include a text description next to the icon or have a description appear when the user hovers over the image.

There are many sites that offer icons for free. These are high quality images that give a site a professional look. You can also purchase icon sets to customize or you can create them yourself for a one of a kind look.

Here’s a List of 10 Free Icon Set Resources

  1. Function’s Free Icon Set

    This is a smaller selection of free icons with just 128 free images, but the images are high quality. All icons are 48×48 pixels for web design.

  2. Free Icons Download

    A large collection of icons for web development. These are free for personal use, but licenses are available for commercial use. Download in GIF, PNG, BMP or other extensions.

  3. Creative Freedom’s Free Windows 7 Icons

    High quality icons for Windows 7. Download in different file formats such as PNG, GIF or BMP. These are high quality icons made especially for the web.

  4. The Working Group Retina Display Icon Set

    Offers icons for the web and optimized for the Retina Display on the Apple iPhone. Icons are under the Creative Commons license, so they are available for personal and commercial use. You may modify any icons for your own site.

  5. Smashing Magazine “Coded” Icon Set

    This set was released exclusively for Smashing Magazine readers. Includes 25 icons in many different sizes made for web designers.

  6. Graphicpeel’s Credit Card Icon Pack

    Includes 35 credit card icons to use on a web page. All icons are 32×32 pixels and only available in a PNG file. Files are free, but donations are appreciated.

  7. iShift’s “SocialShift” Icon Set

    Includes 246 free icons for social networking. All icons are in PNG format. Use these to let your visitors share your page with their friends using social networking.

  8. Icon Finder

    This is set up like a search engine to let you easily find the icons you need. They have over 140,000 individual icons and almost 700 icon sets to browse through. Click on browse at the top to browse icon collections by newest or popular.

  9. FreeIconsWeb

    This is a large resource for free icons for a website. There is no fee for graphics for personal use. There is a fee for a commercial license. There are over 900 icon sets, 27,000 free icons and over 50 stock icon sets.

  10. Webdesigntut+’s Kudos Icon Set

    They offer many web design icon sets to use for web development. All icons are 32×32 pixels in size. There are 51 total icons in the set that can be used for personal or commercial use.

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