10 Fresh Useful Icon Sets For Your Next Design

Be it illustrations, metaphors, visual support for unspectacular text blocks, or an additional comfort factor for performing some specific task, beautiful icons are always of great assistance. Although there are several icons available out there, it is highly significant to settle upon the most suitable set for the innovative, fresh design. To help users and developers with their next design, we have listed below top ten novel useful icon sets that are sure to enhance the entire experience of experimenting with theme icons, fonts and much more.

1. Chalkwork HTML royalty-free icons

Designed to harmonize perfectly with other sets in Chalkwork Family, the free set of HTML-themed icons can be extremely handy. The purposive icon set incorporates 31 graphical representations of common mark-up elements. Available in three sizes, users can snap up the Chalkwork HTML Royalty in formats ranging from Windows ICO, transparent PNG, GIF, TIF, and Mac ICNS.

2. Hand pointer icons

Integrated with an extensive range of useful tools, the hand pointer icons feature 36 hand pointer icons of six different types. Users can acquire the set in six color variants which furthermore comprise of .psd source file.

3. Flavor extended

Developed for designers in web and user interface designs, the flavor extended set includes 177 icons in a resolution of 48 x 48 pixels. Weather it is a private project or commercial one, the beautiful icon set can be employed easily and touts to be the ultimate icon set for web designers.

4. Web injection

Infused with the ability to be used without attribution, the free web injection icon set comes with 26 stylish icons. Conceptualized and designed by Midtone Design Studio, each icon from the set is a .png at 48 x 48 pixels. Hand crafted by designer Jonathan Castro Fernandez, the set puts forth an immersive, enriched user experience.

5. File status Icons

Another useful icon set for appealing designs and layouts is File status icon set which contains 16 subtle icons. Users can benefit from the neatly laid icons for web applications that deploy Subversion based projects.

6. 2experts icons set

Users may highly appreciate the 2experts icons set as well for procreating new, fresh designs. Created using adobe fireworks, the intuitive and useful pack features 48 x 48 pixels PNG images. Designers can use the icon set for free.

7. On stage icons set

Infused with neat graphics, On stage icons set emerges as another great tool for designs – incorporating 49 free vector icons, including PSD. Available in PNG format, the icon set can be downloaded for free.

8. The browser icons

At the same time, the browser icons can be of great help. The pack subsumes nine web browsers available in 16 x 16, 32 x 32 and 64 x 64 pixels. The set provides major browsers such as opera, google chrome, internet explorer, mozilla firefox, and others.

9. Milky icons set

For users seeking an ideal, pleasant display on either bright or dark backgrounds, Milky icons set appears as an ideal pick. Integrated with 131 icons, the set brings all the icons primarily doused in green for enhanced convenience.

10. Coquette 4 icons set

Lastly, Coquette 4 icons set complete the designing process with rich graphics and topnotch usability. The playful free icon set has been powered by 50 new icons and features colorful and curvy icons. Coquette 4 icons set rightly bring all the playfulness to the user’s projects.

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