10 Inspirational Websites in 2012

Have you ever come across a website with a design so beautiful, amazing or unique that you feel inspired by it? After chancing upon those websites, you’d be tempted to create a similar design or change your existing one to something alike. You don’t come across inspiring designs often, so here is my collection of 10 most beautiful websites of 2012 (so far), in no particular order:

  1.  Moods of Norway

    There are no words to explain how much I love this website. For starters, upon arrival on the website, there is such a beautiful image of a countryside that I’ve never seen anything like that before. Then, I noticed a button on the right that says ‘scroll’. It was then I realised that there is more than just that beautiful countryside. Hit the right arrow key of your keyboard and watch as a tractor, trawler and limousine take you across various breath-taking scenes. You’ve got to try this yourself to see how gorgeous this website is.

  2. Pioneer Records Management

    You can’t deny that the boy in green against a green backdrop catches your attention. Maybe it is the rosy-cheeked boy, maybe it is the soothing shades of green. And then you check out the website to find out more about the company and discover that they are an advocate of paper-free records. That explains the green theme, which is indeed perfect base on what they do!

  3. Clicked by Carol

    I’d say this is one of the most modern-looking websites that I’ve come across. The site looks contemporary with eye-catching framed pictures on the wall. It’s not your typical website where you’d find the menu at the top. In the Clicked by Carol website, you’d need to mouse over the framed pictures to get to the menu. Traditionalists might find this a little inconvenient but I love it for its uniqueness.

  4. AX Visual Design Studio

    This is an easy-to-manoeuvre website with the sitemap right on the top and services listed neatly at the bottom of the site. What catches my attention is the gravitating plot of land that holds all sorts of living on it. It truly represents the company, a design studio, and I am very fond of the roots under that plot of land!

  5. Level 2 Design

    The concept and colour of this website is a perfect match. The design company is portrayed as a gas station. I fancy the sign that points to the ‘gas station’; it reminds me of those motels’ “Room available” signs. The colour of the site gives the website an old-school look, making the site very pleasant on the eye.

  6. Jiri Tvrdek

    A tree holds the website’s menu in its ‘fruits’. The tree also looks like a person, arms up in the air with lots of juice/ideas in his head – indeed befitting the owner of the website who is a freelance web designer. Scroll down and you’d find the designer’s portfolio neatly arranged on the tree trunk.

  7. Prairie Fest

    The first impression I get of this site is “Oh, it’s so organic”. Somehow, the shades of colours used give out a natural kind of feeling. The site is neat and easily manoeuvred and I love the little olive green trees and people right at the bottom of the site too. It was difficult finding out what the Prairie Fest is but well, we’re not here to judge the contents of the website.

  8. Hull Digital Live HD

    While not as striking or colourful as the other websites, Hull Digital Live’s website does draw attention due to it being in a class of its own. The images look as though they have been sketched by pencil, delivering a very simplistic design but indeed one that is different from the rest. This also proves that you don’t need colours to be outstanding. 

  9. Ben the Bodyguard

    You’d love Ben the Bodyguard if you’re a fan of comics or superheroes. Benoit, or Ben, greets you in a stern manner as you arrive at the homepage. Why the sternness, you ask? That’s because Ben protects your passwords, photos and such for a sum. The website clearly sends a message of no-nonsense, which gives you the belief that Ben the Bodyguard is serious in what they do.

  10. Tori’s Eye

    Aww.. how could you not fall in love with those blue paper cranes flying across the screen? ‘Catch’ those birds with your mouse; they’ll stop and you’d find that they actually ‘carry’ Twits from the Twitter account of Tori’s Eye. A very cute and exciting concept indeed! The menu buttons are at the bottom most of the website, which I feel could be better located, but then they are probably placed there as to not obstruct the flying birds.

There you have it, the 10 most beautiful websites of 2012 thus far. Not easy to create but the effort was definitely worthwhile.


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  • Hi
    All the sites looks classy. Nice lists of the inspirational sites. Really these sites are inspirational. Well i took time and visited all the sites mentioned here. Clickedbycarol has some high class wedding pics. I am really touched to see the pics. Some pics were there from Indian families too. Nice and modern style of viewing the pics.
    Benthebodyguard is another great looking and useful site that grabbed my attention. Nicel and unique way of branding!!!
    Good work !!! thanks for the share.!!

  • Anasta Gianni

    The Norwegian site is really amazing! When I tried the trick with the tractor button exactly like you said, a new window opened with wonderful background scenery. Then I pressed the right arrow key and the tractor moved to the right, then it became a pink fishing boat, then a yellow limo scrolling through snow covered land (their imagination is just unbelievable!). Finally it stopped just outside Las Vegas! I think the designers who created this site did an excellent inspirational job. I also predict that the volume of products sold through this site will increase sharply. The best way for this site to become widely known to the public, so all this great work won’t be wasted is word of mouth, and I believe every single visitor will share and bookmark this site.

  • reeha@inkjet

    Fantastic list. thanks for this inspirational post. All these sites got fantastic themes and colour selection is amazing.

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