10 Qualities Every Web Designer Must Have

If you have always been passionate about internet, but you also have an artistic spirit, and if you also like to observe the internet pages, to determine what qualities are needed for the respective websites, and what you can change about them, than it means you have all the qualities to become a web designer. However, as this is one of the fewest jobs that require technical knowledge but also a dosage of creativity, let’s see the main qualities required for a person to become a web designer:

1. Intelligence – maybe this is the most important quality, as web designing implies many details, and it is important to know what do you need to do and when it needs to be done.

2. Determination – at first, you might only be able to create some simple sites that will not gain the expected fame. A web designer takes failures as lessons, and as reasons to continue and to improve his skills.

3. Imagination – as said before, web designing is about creation, therefore imagination is one of the most important qualities a designer must have.

4. Improvisation – web designing is about using the right technique in the right place. If a client wants a picture in the middle of the page, you must do it for hem, even if it ruins the whole aspect of the page. You will have to know how to integrate the respective page and how to integrate the respective element without ruining the general aspect of the site.

5. HTML – whether you like to build pages in WordPress, Joomla or any other designing program, HTML is the base of web design, therefore you can’t make it if you don’t know how to do it. In this job, you will have to perfection your style, and this is why you need HTML notions, but also CSS and other related programming languages.

6. A practical and analytical thinking – besides the esthetic aspect, you will also have to consider the technical part of the site, and this means to have those qualities.

7. Hosting and internet notions – a website must be hosted on a platform, and usually, the client asks the web designer about hosting. This is why you will have to know what kind of hosting is needed for every type of website.

8. SEO optimization – even if SEO and web design are two different parts of web design, the clients usually ask for a well designed and also optimized website, therefore you will have to offer them some basic SEO details also.

9. XHTML, Java, CSS arte the basic programs that have to be known by a web designer, but there are several others. If you know those programs, making pages will be easy.

10. Luck – yes, it is an important factor, as in any other job. If you have the luck to find a good contract, you will win some serious money. There are good designers that are striving just because they have not found a good contract, while average ones have good jobs just because they were in the right place at the right time.

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