10 WordPress Food Themes to Give Your Website a Luscious Appeal

WordPress can’t have enough of innovation. Every time it feels that it’s becoming a little too standard, it comes up with more innovation, more novelty. The WordPress food themes are a result of those innovation pangs.

Even though the Food templates have become a little too common off late, the templates built around food in WordPress are unmatched in terms of their functionality, versatility and visual appeal. While you will have to invest a sizable amount from your pocket for a few of them, the investment would prove its worth once you realize the incredible visual aura that they weave around your website’s layout.

Here are the best WordPress themes for the taking if you run a food blog or any website that represents a food joint:

1. Ingredients

The much appetizing theme makes a strong statement, and it makes that statement loud enough. An amazingly pretty theme, to begin with, Ingredients tells you how far WordPress can be taken if the designers and developers have the acumen and the willingness to go bonkers with creativity. It is a highly responsive theme that is getting popular by the day.

2. Foodie

Doesn’t that name sound a little too obvious? The Foodie theme is tailor made for cooking blogs who want to captivate their audience with stunning images and visuals that can be so astutely placed on the layout of Foodie, without a hint of fuss, really.

3. Crave

Oh yes, it will leave you craving for more. The beguiling theme is designed in a manner that those running a cooking blog can’t help but marvel it – and so does the audience of the website using it. It has a room for lots of featured images.

4. CookingPress

This theme comes with multiple designs and textures for the taking. Based on how you like your website to look, you can select your preferred one.

5. Palazzo Di Sole

This website not only can be used for food blogs, but bars and clubs can also use this theme to build their website. It helps them send out the vibe very much characteristic of their brand through the website. The theme is heavily widgetized and gives great customizable options.

6. FoodMagz

As the name suggests, this website is tailored for the websites that have food-heavy content on them. For the blogs that contain tips around the recipes and latest updates in the food industry, the FoodMag is the perfect ally. The theme comes with high responsiveness attribute and it can be run of devices of various screen sizes.

7. Delicioso

Delicioso makes the experience of browsing through the site delicious, so to speak. This amazingly responsive theme can be run across different browsers and operating systems. With scope to add social media icons and buttons, and enough options in the layout to add appetizing food pictures, Delicioso is your best bet.

8. Magdalena

The theme is made particularly keeping in mind the bakeries. Those shops that deal in selling cupcakes and other bakery related items can choose this theme when they decide on having an official website for their shop.

9. ForkBite

ForkBite is an absolutely chic WordPress theme for those who want to share recipes, or write some interesting content about food along with posting pictures. It comes packed with custom widgets, and can also be used by pubs and bars on their websites.

10. TastyFood

It looks tasty as hell – one can assure you that much. This highly dynamic and versatile food template by WordPress is particularly suited to websites that are article oriented and keep posting stuff around different dishes and recipes.

It is apparent that as a food blogger, you feel spoilt for choices. Don’t think too much; go FoodPress!

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