11 Qualities A Mobile App Must Have

Over the past six to eight years, mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our lives, thanks to the smartphone revolution. From small startups to well-established business magnate companies, everyone is countering the cut-throat competition to introduce their apps in front of millions of audience. Nowadays, Google App Store, iTunes App Store, and Blackberry App World are loaded with entertainment, news, productivity, health, and business apps. However, some of the apps there, are significantly more popular than the others. Ever wondered what makes an app interesting and brings it into the mainstream? If you are planning to launch an app, then you should definitely take a look at the following qualities a mobile app must have.

1. Compatibility of the Mobile App

Compatibility is a major factor to be considered before releasing your app in the market. Your app must be compatible with mobile operating systems as well as with devices. In today’s world, smartphones are dominated by three operating systems, i.e., Android, Blackberry OS, and iOS. While iOS and Blackberry OS are exclusive for iPhone and Blackberry users, Android have a huge variety of devices associated with it. Certain app stores might cancel launching your app if it has some critical issues. So, before launching your mobile app, thoroughly check if it is running smoothly on several devices.

2. Availability in Different App Stores

The success of a mobile app also depends on its availability on different app stores. Just by looking around for a while, you will find that not everyone uses smartphones with the same operating system. There is a gigantic audience associated with all popular mobile platforms. If you want to target a higher number of users through your app, you should definitely consider promoting it on all the big platforms. Apart from Google Play Store, BlackBerry App World, and iTunes App Store, there are other stores that are becoming quite trendy among developers such as Appia, OpenAppMkt, Cydia, BBNation, Lima, and AppCentral.

3. Security

Security is a decisive aspect of every mobile app. However, if it contains e-payment options, security becomes an unavoidable and crucial point to pay heed upon. Due to a weak encryption or loose security testing, important information can be leaked, and payments might become insecure. Apart from that, malware or phishing software might adversely affect the user’s phone. Mobile users would never want hackers to steal away their sensitive personal and professional information. Hence, endeavor to make your app unbreachable by using strong coding & encryption, implementing secure communications, and thorough security testing.

4. Fast Launch-Time Performance

In today’s fast-forward world, everyone, especially smartphone users, strives to complete their tasks quickly. They prefer mobile apps that can load faster regardless of their heavy graphics or featured content. Make sure your developer team put serious efforts to reduce the launch-time of your application to five to six seconds. If your app contains a number of important features that are affecting its launching time, then just place an attractive animation for the loading time. It will hold the attention of the users and keep their monotony at bay.

5. Simple and Easy to Use

General smartphone users have a tendency to switch to another similar app if they don’t find an application convenient and simple enough. It is one of those aspects where developers don’t pay attention. Even if the app is full of complex features and functionalities, operating it should be a piece of cake for the user. Keep in mind, the more simple the app is, the less time it will take in gaining popularity.

6. Uniqueness

Just by looking briefly at the history of the mobile app revolution, you will find that some apps with unique concept have achieved unbeatable success. However, apps with the identical concept may gain popularity, but it is somewhat arduous. Before planning on developing an app, just consider that – Is this concept unique or just a modified copy of another app already available in stores? If your app is really one-of-a-kind and contains features important to the users, it will probably stand out of the rest.

7. Social Media Integration

Social media integration is a game changer that can boost the functionality as well as the charm of an app. It lets the users create an account in just one tap by signing up with their other social media accounts like Google+ and Facebook. It saves the time and tedious work of filling the same, old and conventional text fields. Moreover, if your app allows sharing with popular social media platforms, it will keep the users engaged and make them return to your app again. Social media integrity will not only increase the visibility of your app, but will also help generate revenue for your business.

8. Performance of a Mobile App

Various research surveys conducted across the world suggest that performance of mobile apps is a very considerable determinant for the users. However, performance can depend on several factors that combine server, device, network, and the app itself. Testing of the app on different devices will assure you of its performance and help you identify the bugs (if any).

9. Battery Consumption

Short battery life has always been a big problem with the smartphones. The batteries hardly keep the smartphones going for 24 hours. The top mobile phone manufacturers are constantly working on developing the long-lasting batteries. The users prefer to download those apps that consume less battery. To minimize the battery use of your app, instruct your mobile app development team to test the battery consumption of the app on several devices.

10. None or Minimized Ads

Ads are becoming one of the primary ways to generate the revenue for businesses through the apps. However, for users, they are interruptive, irritating, and time wasting. If your app contains frequent or longer ads, the users will take no time in switching to another similar app that contains no or fewer ads. If providing ads is a necessity and the only source for generating revenue, then you can make them less invasive. Have a meeting with your technical team and discuss how to keep ads in the app without compromising the user’s experience.

11. Ability to Work Offline

Undoubtedly, most of the apps work best if they are connected to the internet. Nevertheless, a good app is able to work offline, in case, the users have no internet connection. Not all the apps feature same functions, and some, especially gaming apps, need an uninterrupted internet connection to perform perfectly. So, before developing an app, take some time to ponder what functions of the app can be created to run offline.

We hope that now you know what are some extensive qualities that a mobile app must have. A great app should not leave the user confused about any of its functionality. Just make your app captivating, simple, and useful, and you have a chance to experience the phenomenal success.

Author Bio – Garvit narang is a tech freak who writes on all the information related to websites and mobile apps. He is currently working as an ios app developer at syoninfomedia . Mixing his passion for writing with his knowledge, he provides the content that can prove to be very useful for the people who are planning to work in this industry, especially the ones from a non-technical background.

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