12 Fantastic Tools for Graphic Designers

As a graphic designer, you need to arm yourself with two things: an unbridled creativity and an enviable tool-set that would help you achieve the perfect result. Here we talk about the 12 Best Tools for Graphic Designers. 

  1. Skyfonts: one of the new-age apps that has made life easier for graphic designers, Skyfonts allows you to directly download all kinds of fonts off the web and directly into your computer. This is quite similar to the desktop feature of Adobe CreativeCloud’s Typekit. It also comes armed with the entire gamut of Webfonts of Google that will enable the designers to create a real-looking mock-up of their tentative design and see how it would look.skyfonts
  2. FiveSecond Test: gauging the need for designers to see a real-time preview of their design and also the feedback that would be generated thereof, its creators have focused on providing this platform to them. As a designer, you would merely be required to upload a first draft and then go on to check against a pre-set collection of questions, your choice in these questions would decide the parameters that the uploaded design would be tested on. Of course, the entire questionnaire is designed to test your design on two basic points: whether it will be memorable to the users and whether it would be beneficial to the business.
    fivesecond test
  3. Typetester: are you a capable designer but the procedure of choosing just the right font baffles you? This would be just the right answer for you. You would be first, required to paste the text into the space provided: you would then go on to tick against the varied typography options. The result would help you compare your vision with the real deal. What makes it even more attractive is that you get the sole control over alignment of the font, its size and the style etc.
  4. Fount: it addresses the need of identifying your favorite font or the font that you have already used against the ever-increasing sea of typography options that are available both on the internet as well as offline. It is solved by allowing you to remember your choices by making a bookmarklet available.Fount
  5. Harvest: an effective tracking tool that will effectively reduce your time in doing the tiny but important tasks everyday. These tasks include tracking and keeping a record of the progress you have made on a particular day across all kinds of projects that you are working on, at a particular time.harvest
  6. Designers Toolbox: it is an effective and handy set of tools that every graphic designer requires to come up with an attractive website. The options that are available in the set include deciding and zeroing in on sizes, web proof-read marks as well as preview foldings. In addition, you may also compare notes on varied binding options.designers toolbox
  7. Check My Colors : though often sidelined for not being too important, the colors that you choose to use in the final layout are as vital as probably the content and the development itself. Therefore, this particular tool will help check the appropriateness of the colour of the foreground against the colour that you have chosen as your background. This is also done on the basis of the algorithms as provided by the W3C or the World wide Web Consortium. checkmycolours
  8. TinEye: for the exact-shade obsessed amongst the designer community, it is an effective tool. Its vast database of colors is close to over 10 million of every possible shade conceivable. With such a base at your disposal, you would be free to experiment with countless colour combinations.TineyEye
  9. HexColour Generator : this tool takes into account the colour combinations that you have chosen already and then generates colours. You would merely be required to paste in a code that is hexadecimal in format. It would then return a set of combinations that you may then use with the base colour that you had pre-decided.Hexcolour Generator
  10. Designinspiration: as is evident from the name itself, this tool consists of a full-page colour palette and at a particular period of time you may choose up to five different hues or shades of colours to experiment from. After you are dome choosing, the tool will display all possible permutations of combinations based on your choice. Furthermore, you can also individually access each hue, with the aid of the hex numbers that are displayed alongside.designinspiration
  11. COPASO: although it is just one of the sub-tools that are available within the COLOUR-lovers, its functionality makes its separate mention worth the while. The whole spectrum of shades is available within a simplistic interface. It also includes the feature to be able to add notes as well as upload images; and even enter CMYK references. 
  12. ColourHunter: search for images by merely using a tag or even by a HEX number. Furthermore, it also offers a wide range of palettes that you may choose fromcolor hunter

With the aid of these tools the graphic designing process would indeed be a pleasure to execute. If you know any other tool that can be useful for graphic designers, please do let us know in the comment section below.

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