13 Awesome Javascript Libraries for HTML5

The growing popularity of HTML5 has created a boom in the development of JavaScript libraries that can integrate with HTML5. These libraries are easy to implement and can instantly provide a whole new level of power and control over an existing HTML 5 application. We put together a list of 13 awesome, light JS libraries to help you get your next HTML 5 application off and running.


CreateJS is actually a suite of four different JavaScript libraries. They consist of EaselJS, TweenJS, SoundJS, and PreloadJS. EaselJS is feature rich to help you create more with the canvas element. TweenJS helps with animations and SoundJS aims to make implementing audio a very simple process. The final is PreloadJS and it was created to help add preloaders to the various components downloaded in an application.


WYSIHTML5 Is a lightweight rich text editor that can generate valid and semantic HTML5 markup.

Fixie JS

Fixie is a great way to add in the Latin filler text based on the interpreted HTML5 tag used.

Sisyphus JS

Sisyphus uses local storage to save your existing form input in the event of a browser crash.

Kinetic JS

Kinetic JS aims to make content creation and manipulation in the canvas a much easier and faster experience.

Paperfold CSS

Paperfold uses CSS3 and JavaScript to create a neat visual effect of making divs appear like they are folding like paper.


JSARToolkit is a JavaScript port of FLARToolKit that allows you to create augmented reality on canvas images and video elements.


jPlayer is a JavaScript library to help you easily integrate audio/video media onto your site.


Turn.js is a cool library that can create the page turning effect on your divs.

Font JS

Font.js is a great JavaScript library to help you manage and load your fonts with much better control.

Resumable JS

Resumable provides a great way to upload files and maintain stability even with lost connections.

Pixelloader JS

Pxloader can provide you a way to preload HTML5 elements and assets before you need to take a specific action.

CanvasLoader Creator

CanvasLoader It is a free online tool to help you generate scripted preloaders.

HTML5 Video Voting

HTML5 Video Voting is a neat library that you can implement to allow voting on specific parts of a video.


Buzz gives you more control over the HTML5 audio element.

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