13 Fresh Example of Typography

This is the first time that I am going to feature a pure typography design on my blog. I am currently starting to indulge myself with this technique, though is has been around the internet for quite a long time.

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs. Type glyphs are created and modified using a variety of illustration techniques. The arrangement of type involves the selection of typefaces, point size, line length, leading, adjusting the spaces between groups of letters and adjusting the space between pairs of letters

Here are some fresh example of typography…

Mars Cureg

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  • Ax

    So that is typography. almost like all. Like the idea of the england and the child with a gun almost the size of his body. its a frustration that i could do this kind of editing. oh well.

    btw, merry christmas kuya Mars.

    • Merry Xmas too Ax, how is life going on?

  • merry xmas ho ho ho ;),
    buddy nice collection and the child solider is really touching the designs are good.

    • Merry Xmas to mate..

  • jason

    this is my first time seeng a typography. and im amazed because just from words, art is born.

    my personal favorite is the fifth one.

    merry christmas !!!

    • that’s the magic of typo, now try to create one in Microsoft Word lolz!

  • yhen

    gusto ko yung seed… medyo bold… at nawiwili ako sa curves nitong mga nakaraang araw…

    nwei, happy holidays kuya! GodBless you!

    • one of my favorite too, Merry Xmas Yhen~!

  • A.D.K.

    Awesome works here. Thanks for this.

    • Your welcome mate