Make this Love Month memorable and full of laughter by sending these 14 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

Gone are the days that we send the usual romantic and poetic cards. I know that women love to receive those sparkling and starry type of worded V cards but why not try this time to make things. I am sure everyone heard the saying which goes, “laughter is the best medicine” and making a woman smile is what best and must we guys do.

Bantering with women through these cards will surely pave way her best valentine’s day ever.

Check out this collection of funny Valentine’s Day card. For couples and romantic singles with a sense of humor or an unconventional approach to romance, there are fun and creative cards like these!


funny-valentine-card01 funny-valentine-card02 funny-valentine-card03 funny-valentine-card04 funny-valentine-card05 funny-valentine-card06 funny-valentine-card07 funny-valentine-card08 funny-valentine-card09 funny-valentine-card10 funny-valentine-card12 funny-valentine-card13 funny-valentine-card14

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