15 Best Responsive Website Design Examples

The world is getting Mobile! Yes… Not only you, everyone ( including me) is already engrossed with the hot new trend of mobile internet. Amongst all the internet users, nearly 80% of them are entitled as smart phone users who are engaged in using web on their internet-enabled handheld devices.

Nowadays more and more businesses are focusing on developing responsive websites. But it should be noted the process of developing a feature-rich website is not that easy. The influx of various smart mobile devices such as tablets, ipad, laptops and mobile phones has increased the complexity level of the web development processes. The responsive web designs make your website attractive and provide customized user experience to all the mobile users. With responsive web design, you need no specific codes to make the website available on devices with varied screen sizes.

Let’s know about the benefits of having a responsive website:

  1. You can have a search-engine friendly experience with responsive websites. As per the latest updates, Google easily recognizes the mobile-friendly websites and thus, it influences the ranking of these responsive websites over different SERP s.
  1. Enhance your clientele by turning the frequent visitors into long-term customers. Responsive webpages are highly accessible over different devices and hence drive in more prospective traffic to your website, thereby boosting the business ROI.
  1. Apart from performance, the visibility of the website is equally important to enhance its online presence. The use of attractive themes & layouts augments the user-experience by providing them customized responsive web designs that can fit in multiple screens.
  1. It is obvious that creating a single website responsive to the multiple devices is much more affordable than having multiple websites specific for every screen and device.

Best Examples of 15 Responsive Websites!!

Based on the above discussed features, I have outlined examples of some of the best designing firms possessing industry’s best responsive websites. Specifically, i have also added the determining features of ranking each of these websites:



This site is a reckoned example of Mobile-friendly website which is compatible to varied devices with different screen sizes. The site of CSSChopper promises extensive browsing experience to the users with easy navigation even on mobiles and tablets.


This is one of the top examples of responsive website built on the techniques of RWD framework. Easy navigation, perfect typography, clarity in images & content, etc. on different devices and browsers are the attributes that made us to mention PSDtoWordPressExpert website in this list.

Sparx IT Solutions

This responsive website looks appealing on various devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The themes and designs are compatible and easy to navigate.



This is an exemplary example of dynamic website displays’ on multiple devices. The adept RWD technique which is incorporated in this website simplifies the navigation process for the users and thus, results in driving more traffic to the website.


This responsive website is itself a perfect demonstration of competent responsive design skills & functions. The pixel-perfect responsive templates and designs in the website clearly depict a collaborative approach of the designer and the developer.


A perfect example of standard responsive website specifically designed for providing the amazing experience to the users while navigating. Their responsive web design offers compatible features which can be accessed on wide range of devices and screens.



This site embraces responsive designs to attract more visitors to the website. The exclusive feature of this website is that it doesn’t compromise with the scaling of the pictures and videos irrespective of the device screen on which the site is  navigated.


This is a brilliant example of beautifully crafted multi-device compatible website. The device-agnostic feature of this website allows easy navigation on multiple browsers and devices.



The responsive website of this company is evident of its expertise to cater wide audiences. It feels like as if they strive to augment their business growth with the compatible websites. The site is developed using the standard HTML and CSS markups.



This responsive website reflects the ease of website navigation to cater mobile consumers. The simplified and uniform dissemination of website’s information and services across different browsers makes it highly responsive to multiple devices.



This site is quintessentially designed to work compatibly on multiple mobile devices and screens favoring responsive and simplified navigation for all the users.


The pitch-perfect designs and layouts of this responsive website is a great source of inspiration of RWD built websites for several business owners.


This is a online Application development firm, which offers custom online product designer tools/software. The website is responsive and can be easily browsed on multiple device screens.   

ESolz Technologies

Everything about this responsive website perfectly showcases the clean and standard coded markups, cross-compatible designs, pixelated images. 


As one of the most reliable digital marketing IT company, VideyWeb hosts a  responsive website which is an excellent example of compatible business website for the users who are more engaged on their mobile devices.

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