15 Best Web Apps for Freelancer Web Designers

With the waves of web extending and Internet industry growing, more and more people are entering into the web designing field. Freelance web designing’s success depends on your skills which ultimately depends on how much hard work you do. Most of the freelancer web designers use the web apps in their designing work. There are many benefits in doing so. For example, by using web based apps they don’t need to go through time-consuming task of download and maintaining software, they can access the apps anywhere etc.


There are many web apps meant to help the freelancers web designers. Well, not all are meant for this purpose, but many. Out of these ‘many’, there are a few apps that no freelancer web designer should miss. Here is the list of 15 such apps.

  1. resizeMyBrowser 

    So, you designed website and it is looking good on your browser? Your task is over? No! It may be possible that the website is looking good only on your browser. What if it does not go in the same way when accessed from PC/Laptop with different screen resolutions? So, it’s highly necessary to be sure that your design goes good in all resolutions. resizeMyBrowser is the best way to check so. Just pick any particular screen resolution and check that how your website looks in that.

  2. Web Font 

    Fonts play a major role in the web designing. The proper choice of fonts can enhance your design and result it in admire from the client. Web Font section of Fonts.com has a database of huge no. of fonts. You can start from a free plan, and if like, can opt for the paid service.

  3. Pixlr 

    Want to include images in your designing task? No need to use Adobe Photoshop or any software, use Pixlr instead. It is the best online tool to edit the pictures.

  4. Dropbox 

    You might be familiar with this best cloud storage service. You can use to take backup of your designs and to access them anytime while on the move. You can use their well designed web version or can also download their smartphone app. If you don’t have account on Dropbox, then you can get one for free in which you get 2GB space.

  5. Remember the Milk 

    As a freelancer web designer, you must complete your projects in time, otherwise you could end up in losing clients. Since the workload in freelance web designing is very high, so chances are there that you might be finding it hard to do the tasks on time. The best way to be punctual in your work is by creating to-do list. Remember the Milk is the best service to do so. Wait! It’s not just another to-do list manager. It’s far more than that. Heading over to the site can give you complete idea about it.

  6. Privacy Policy Generator 

    Every website has its own way of dealing with the visitors/users. Nowadays, it is highly important that your website’s visitors/users must be aware of your privacy related concern. Therefore, you must write a well-structured and professional privacy policy. The best and fastest way to do so is by using the online privacy policy generator. ‘Generate Privacy Policy’ is best of all.

  7. Color Scheme Designer 

    The quality of design any web designer creates, depends a lot on color scheme, in fact, totally on color scheme. If one uses perfect combination of color, there no power can stop his/her working being getting admired from all. Thanks to Color Scheme Designer that helps the web designers use the perfect color scheme in their projects.

  8. Launchlist 

    Before closing the file of any on going designing project, it’s must to test it. You might be using any particular way for doing so, but there is nothing better than Launchlist for this task.

  9. WhatTheFont 

    How many times has it happened with you that you seen a good font used in any particular website and wished to use that in your project, but could not do so because of not having knowledge about that font? Well, don’t let it happen again, as WhatTheFont is there is to help you. Submit the image of your font and let the site check its database and come up with something encouraging for you.

  10. Loads.in 

    The perfect web designing work must be good in every aspect. Most of the web designers just take care of the design, but forget about the speed of their designed website. Well, your design is totally waste if it takes time to load. So, before giving last touch to your designing project, be sure to check its loading speed. Loads.in can help you in this cause.

  11. Aviary’s Image Editor 

    If due to some reasons, you did not like the Pixlr, then Aviary’s Image Editor is what may be perfect for you. It’s popular online image editor that comes with simple and intuitive user interface. Just upload the image and start editing it with a bunch of available tools.

  12. TinyPNG 

    As already stated, your design only matters if it loads up quickly. As a web designer, you must take care of every aspect that could result in slow website. To make the website load faster, you should compress the PNG images that you use in it. TinyPNG is the best tool to do this task.

  13. CSS Sandbox 

    Want to experiment something new in CSS? CSS Sandbox is there to help you. It is the best online tool to learn and experiment CSS. Live preview enables it get tagged with the proud tag of ‘best’.

  14. Wufoo 

    Most of the web designers don’t like to create forms. If you are also one of them, then Wufoo is what is meant for you. Fun and easy way to create forms and use them in your web designing project.

  15. Skype 

    In freelance web designing, you must stay in touch with your client. Skype is the best way to do so. Do text, video and audio chat. You can even send and receive files.

This is a Guest Post written by Rajkumar Jonnala web designer, Android and tech blogger from techpepe



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