15 Best WordPress Themes for Business and Ecommerce

There is barely any business these days that does not have an online presence, and that is specifically true for an eCommerce website. Businesses of all kinds ranging right from a service provider to business that wants to sell products like apparels and gadgets are in dire need of something that gives their online presence that extra push that it needs to achieve the set goals.

Fortunately, there are plenty of themes available in the market that cater to all the needs of the business as well as eCommerce websites and help you present and sell more of what you have to offer. Some of the themes have essentially been packed with features that make your website stand out from the rest of the crowd, irrespective of the niche you wish to use them for. However, there are a few features you must look for in a theme if you wish to use it for business or eCommerce, some of them being WooCommerce integration, full responsiveness, fast loading speeds and more.

Based on all these factors and considering design elements that will accentuate the overall elegance of your website, in this post we have collected 15 Best WordPress Themes for business and eCommerce, one of which we are sure you will find great enough to power your website this year.

1. Coupon

If you are running any business in general and coupon business in particular then this theme might just be the one for you. The theme will impress your visitors with its design and then convert them into more sales with its highly professional and customizable design. In a nutshell, the theme will serve you best if you use it for selling coupons online. Without any doubt, Coupon is one of the best WordPress Business Themes for setting up a professional portfolio.


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2. WooShop

Packed with customization options on top of a stunning and responsive layout this theme will look good on any device, including tablets and smartphones. With its other excellent selection of features, the theme will allow your business or eCommerce website to increase sales and profits instantly. WooShop is the one of the best WordPress eCommerce Themes to set up an online shop and business.


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3. Ultra

Create a website quickly and beautifully with Ultra, an uber cool theme created by Themify that is guaranteed to be their most powerful and flexible work. The theme serves best designers and developers, thanks to its full control access that helps you to customize each and every aspect of your website right from header to footer.


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4. Builders

If you are running a construction related business and want something to present your portfolio while also getting access to features to help you sell products and services online, then Builders is the one you need. The theme also boasts a stunning design and smart layout with which you will be able to attract more customers and grow your business at the same time.


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5. Coupon WP

Another coupon selling theme but promises to be a lot more ergonomic and functional regarding selling complete deals, discounts, and coupons. The theme has a very easy to navigate design that combines with the awesomeness of its functional core to give you a theme that is bound to make profits within a short period.

Coupon WP

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6. eCommerce

Here is a little something for eCommerce websites with a professional, beautiful and modern layout that is great for any online store. The theme comes packed with different layout options to help you weave your website just the way you always wanted, and the quick-view and a wishlist options add to the overall sheen of the website to help you reach more customers and eventually sell more.


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7. Saha

Promote your products in style with this perfect theme that comes bundled with a selection of layouts to transform your website into an utterly lucrative business. Needless to say that the theme is fully customizable and supports WooCommerce to ease the process of online shopping experience for both you and your visitors.


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8. Business

Ideal for businesses, this theme leverages the power of WordPress and blogging to help you build a company website and helps your business reach its full potential. Couple that with clean and professional design on top of full customizability and you have one of the best premium themes you could ask for.


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9. West Pro

Create an awesome website for your company with this equally awesome theme that will help you to create an awesome website for your company within a few moments and with just a few clicks. The theme is jam-packed with premium features some of them being, Live Composer Integration, fonts and color controls, blog options, custom header options and much more.

West Pro

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10. eMaxStore

eMaxStore is one of those themes that just get the job done without confusing you in all the unnecessary jargons and technicalities. The theme per se is great for multiple-purpose websites and will help you to showcase your products in style and generate more sales immediately. The cherry on top is the theme’s seamless integration with a blog section that can be used to attract more visitors from search engines.


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11. Neto

If you are planning to build a super awesome superstore online, then Neto is the right one for you. The theme is very pleasing to look at and very easy to work with and comes with full WooCommerce integration to help you sell more and ease the shopping process for your visitors too.


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12. Spacious Pro

Spacious Pro, as the name suggests comes with plenty of space that puts the focus right where it should be, that is, your content and products. The theme is multipurpose, coded and designed with a lot of care and ardent practices which make it great for business, portfolio, blogging or any other type of website for that matter.

Spacious Pro

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13. Eclipse

If functionality and simplicity are high on your list, then Eclipse has got you covered with its design and flexibility that take care of both of the features mentioned above. The theme is particularly ideal for photographers and bloggers who wish to create an impact through a minimalistic layout.


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14. School

Here is a little something for schools, classes, day-cares and other educational programs that demand flexibility and accessibility for easy use by students. The theme has an overall clean, light design with plenty of room for an educational institution and custom post types for galleries and events that enhance the ability to provide quality education.


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15. WooCart

The last one in our list is for people who wish to increase sales and make a profit through their online store. As the name suggests, this theme is fully integrated with WooCommerce, so it will be easy for your to sell products and even easier for your customers to buy your products.


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