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From design to coding, from php to html, from joomla to wordpress. Before working on a graphic, web and other design related matter, I always browse my 15 inspirational website that I consider.

These websites continually help me learn and enhance my knowledge on the design field. With 5 days at work, before anything else, I never miss to visit these websites.

To cut it short, you might want to check them too and take a share to the ideas that they provide…

Own by Johnson Koh, a graphic and web designer from Singapore. He have always enjoy doing and reading anything that is design related. 10Steps.SG was born in August 2008, with the purpose to share the experiments with Adobe Photoshop and interesting news that he come across.

This blog was created and developed by Fabio Sasso, a Brazilian designer living in Porto Alegre (south of Brazil). His first contact with the internet happened in 1995 and 1996 he started playing with it as a designer. He have a degree in graphic design and been working professionally since 1998, in Brazil, at least in his own town, He could say that it was the very beginning of the internet.

Most people find that true creativity isn’t a constant presence in their lives, no matter how much you fool yourself into thinking that. We’d like to introduce you to Fuel Your Creativity. This gem is the place to turn to when you’re having one of your “I’m-going-to-implode-if-I-don’t-get-an-idea-soon” moments. Don’t lie. You know you have them.

MyInkBlog is the creation of Andrew Houle and is designed to be a resource for web and graphic designers alike. It is his hope that this site equips you with some tools and inspiration to help you get things accomplished. Most of us in this industry are self-taught; and would not have the knowledge we’ve accumulated if it weren’t for many kind and intelligent people who have helped us along the way. This is his attempt to give back some of what has been given to him.

Inspired Magazine is a daily inspiration source for web designers, illustrators, Twitter addicts, iPhone lovers, and other creative humans. They have 9.000+ RSS subscribers, 17.000+ Twitter followers and the traffic is increasing every day!

InstantShift is leading design and inspiration related community for web designers and developers daily resource and premium web design and development blog. Currently iShift averages 500K+ visitors per month (more than 650K pageviews), and 4500+ RSS subscribers and, based on the statistics so far, and it is steadily growing.

A Design And Inspiration Blog with a strong focus on branding, illustrations, web design and typography, Little Box Of Ideas provides insightful interviews with top designers and tech industry founders, branding news, digital art tutorials and inspirations, amazing vector freebies and more visual addiction for all creatives alike..

Naldz Graphics is a Design Blog for designers and design lovers. We are showcasing the best tutorials, freebies, inspirations and other useful and informative resources to help and give love to design community.  Naldz Graphics is managed by Ronald Bien, a Graphic/Web Designer. Naldz Graphics is regularly posting useful and informative design articles which can help you on your daily activity.

Nettuts+ is a site aimed at web developers and designers offering tutorials and articles on technologies, skills and techniques to improve how you design and build websites. We cover HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS’s, PHP and Ruby on Rails.

Webdesigner Depot is an exciting new platform designed to explore different web and graphic design techniques, great examples and best practices.
We love design and are passionate about it in all its shapes and forms. Our vision is to make WDD a great showcase for this passion and feed a worldwide audience of savvy designers eager to learn more and share their knowledge with the design community.
The blog is a joint effort and collaboration between leading designers around the world which contribute a wealth of expertise on all fields of design, such as coding, typography, Photoshop tutorials and more.

Psdtuts+ is a blog/Photoshop site made to house and showcase some of the best Photoshop tutorials around. We publish tutorials that not only produce great graphics and effects, but explain the techniques behind them in a friendly, approachable manner.

Adobe Photoshop is a fantastically powerful program and there are a million ways to do anything, we hope that reading Psdtuts+ will help our readers learn a few tricks, techniques and tips that they might not have seen before and help them maximize their creative potential!

Just another Awesome Photoshop Tutorial Super Blog, loved by tons of Photoshop (and graphic design) learners, and constantly constructively criticised by fellow graphic designers. Monthly page view 350,000+ and value-for-money ad price, it’s simply wonderful for your web business (espeically graphic design related)!.

Six Revisions is a weblog that provides practical, useful information for the modern, standards-compliant web designer and web developer. It seeks to present exceptional, noteworthy tips, tutorials, and resources that the modern web professional will appreciate. You’ll find a variety of content from tools that can speed up your workflow processes to showcases of beautiful designs for inspiration and tutorials on JavaScript frameworks like jQuery and MooTools.

Founded in September 2006, Smashing Magazine delivers useful and innovative information to Web designers and developers. Our aim is to inform our readers about the latest trends and techniques in Web development. We try to convince you not with the quantity but with the quality of the information we present. We hope that makes us different. Smashing Magazine is, and always has been, independent. Perhaps the most remarkable yet overlooked aspect of the design community is its friendly, enthusiastic spirit. Every day, literally thousands of talented, hard-working folks out there gain new insight from their work, come up with brilliant ideas and then share their experience with fellows designers.

Daily design blog dedicated to showcasing the best creative products and designs from all over the world. In addition, our website covers the most useful Photoshop, CSS and WordPress tutorials / resources..


Mars Cureg

Web designer by profession, photography hobbyist, T-shirt lover, design blog founder, gamer. Socially and physically awkward, lack of social skills, struggles to communicate with anyone who doesn't have a keyboard. Willing to walk to get to the promised land. Photo and video freelancer, SEO. Check out more on my Google+

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  1. favSHARE says:

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  2. joycee says:

    Thanks for sharing! I'm sure this would be a big help to all graphic designers out there. 🙂

  3. pinkdiaries says:

    am i base?! uumm, i guess i am..

    actually i have no knowledge when it comes to arts,paintings, or something like this, but i really admire those people doing like this work, amazing isnt it?! 🙂

    just visiting..:-)

  4. johnsonkoh says:

    Thank you Mars! For including 10Steps.SG 🙂

  5. eliment says:

    oh..it seems that i am the base here. lol

    this website designs really rock

  6. Mr. Nonsense says:

    cool. informative. i love fancy widgets and tool bars, too. but sometimes, the site is too loaded with features that it becomes too complicated or even slow to navigate.

    • Mars / Kulot says:

      i never experience problems browsing to these websites, except for the graphic contents of the post, but if you just navigate to their homepage, its pretty fast, that's the power of wpcache i think

  7. livingstain says:


    ooopppzzz… English yan…

  8. livingstain says:

    you forgot my blog… nyahahaha…

    ok i will visit one by one… thankz

  9. Thanks for giving your visitors a portal of ideas and design concepts. The sites will inspire everyone who loves art and is into the field of graphic designing. A lot of new and fresh ideas come about everyday so it pays to check other sites that hand them out.

  10. TSI says:

    I really admire you Mars for distributing your ideas and unselfishly willing to share it with others especially the informative websites mentioned above, now your blog will be my reference when it comes to graphics, designs, etc. (done tweeting it)

    I noticed an alphanumeric codes below, what is it?

  11. boypulubi says:

    If there's anything that I'm completely incapable of doing, it's graphic design. I can't even draw a straight line 🙂
    I'll stick to admiring all the great works.
    Two thumbs up to all who are good at it.

  12. Awesome collection of websites for designs :). I always follow these websites which are really great. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  13. Designium says:

    Nice choices!!

  14. Thank you so much for great content share with us, i love to read your blog, many valuable information in your blog.

  15. Takri says:

    This is a most important blog and it’s a very helpful for us . Thanks for sharing .

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