15 Dark-Themed Business Card

Why do business establishments nor companies and even freelancers need to have their own business card? One reason might be popping in your mind is to enhance more opportunities in the business world. In order to make a lead you should not rely on some stale strategies.

So why not give a try for this technique to boost more chances for your business. This is very helpful when you meet prospective clients along the way. As a business owner and a freelancer we need to anticipate every instances.

So here’s some of the business card designs for you to come up with your own concept and design for your business:

by Action Adventure Squad

by Nyz

by Warren Greeley

by B2F

by Bellagio New Media

Submitted by Fuse Design

Submitted by Anthony Scime

by FridgeWorks

by antonea

by Pedro Kümmel Alves


by Agence web mikii.fr

by Four Players


by ryabov.design

by freddythor

by pomface


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  1. Swamykant says:

    Excellent Collection. Thanks for share.