15 Free Simple Image Gallery Like Joomla Extensions

Joomla is a powerful open source platform (CMS) which gives users a ton of features and extensions for joomla-based websites and blogs. Most of the photo gallery websites or blogs use simple image gallery extensions; these image gallery extensions provide multiple high-quality designs to websites with specific features allowing image galleries .

We can easily create image gallery websites using these joomla extensions within minutes. It’s one of the most popular extensions for joomla platform which helps you to create awesome photo gallery websites.


Simple Image Gallery Extensions General Features:

  • Life Long Download Free-of-cost
  • All Kinds of Mobile Devices Support
  • Multiple Browsers Support
  • Social Networking Icons
  • Shows on Full Screen for Each Image
  • Features Images Support
  • Create Multiple Albums
  • SlideShow Effect
  • Private Message Support
  • SEO-Friendly URL

Today, I have included most used high-quality image gallery extension given below. If you like to create joomla-based photo gallery website, use this photo gallery plugin. It’s one of the powerful extenions free of cost. Don’t wast your time! Hurry up!

1. Simple Image Gallery – Apptha

More Info:http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Joomla/Simple-Photo-Gallery

2. Ozio Gallery

More Info: http://www.opensourcesolutions.es/en/ext/ozio-gallery.html

3. JoomGallery

More Info: http://www.en.joomgallery.net/

4.Automicon Gallery

More Info:


5.Phoca Gallery

More Info: http://www.phoca.cz/phocagallery

6.PhotoMap Gallery

More Info: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/photos-a-images/galleries/photo-gallery/10658

7. Savira Photo Gallery

More Info: http://www.santoshkori.com/

8. Facebook Gallery

More Info: http://www.bestofjoomla.com/component/option,com_mtree/task,viewlink/link_id,1917/Itemid,95/

9. Joomla CSS Gallery

More Info: http://www.bretteleben.de/lang-en/joomla/css-gallery.html

10. Accordion Gallery

More Info: http://vm.xmlswf.com/joomla-modules/joomla-accordion-gallery

11. Art Gallery

More Info: http://www.artetics.com/ARTools/art-gallery

12.Sigplus Gallery

More Info: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/photos-a-images/photo-gallery/11426

13. Art Sexy Lightbox Lite Gallery

More Info: http://www.artetics.com/ARTools/art-sexylightbox-lite-edition

14. Ignite Gallery


More Info: http://www.ignitegallery.com/#!baby_chimp

15. SIGE Joomla Image Gallery

More Info: http://joomla-extensions.kubik-rubik.de/downloads/sige-simple-image-gallery-extended


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This article is written by Krish Kash, and he is a Marketing Manager and technology blogger specializing in joomla video template and mobile app development.

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