15 Places to Sell WordPress Themes

While the Internet is filled with free WordPress themes, it is a well know fact that experienced web designers create custom made themes and search for the best places to sell them. These themes are unique and they are made to represent various niches and everyone is well aware of the fact that a premium WordPress theme has increased functionality to offer, among other things. Let’s see the best 15 places to sell WordPress themes.

1.Theme Forest

Regardless of the chosen website to sell WordPress themes, the most important thing that you have to take into consideration is the commission offered. With Theme Forest, you have two possibilities: the exclusive membership with 40-70% and the non-exclusive with 25% membership. Among the advantages that Theme Forest brings to the picture, there is the high traffic and the decent pay offered but you have to be careful of the strict reviewing process.

2.Mojo Themes

While this online marketplace has yet to fully develop, you should know that the members keep coming by the minute. The commission can start from as low as 25% reaching an amazing 70%, the review process is not complicated at all and you will certainly appreciate the financial compensation offered in return.

3.Buy Stock Design

This is a very good choice because of three simple reasons: number one the easy review process, number two the constant increase of members (better visibility) and number three the reduced competition, given the fact that this online marketplace is only at the beginning.

4.Freelance Marketplace

While it is not recommended to take into consideration online marketplaces that sell other products as well, this is one of the situations presented as an exception. The quality of the WordPress themes that already exist on the website is not so amazing but you can contribute to making a change in this area, by adding your own creations.


The commission offered on this website varies somewhere between 50 and 70%, so you can certainly understand why it represents such a popular choice among web designers. They accept HTML and CSS templates only, so you will have to pay attention to this small detail. Setting up an account with them is not difficult at all and you will have a lot of benefits as a member.

6.Buy Sell WordPress

Once you take into consideration this online marketplace, you should know that there are two possibilities available: the first is represented by a non-exclusive license with 20% commission offered and the second, obviously, an exclusive license with commission varying between 50-70%. You decide which one of these two options is more suitable and you have to know that all the uploaded themes will have to be approved by the website administrator.

7.Code Canyon

This online marketplace has a similar system with the others, providing a commission of 50-70% for each WordPress theme that is being sold. On the plus side, you should know that they also provide a 30% commission of the cash deposit made for others users referred to the website. How about this unique method to encourage people to come to their website?


For those who are smart and talented, creating premium WordPress themes and selling them to WPMart is definitely a good idea. This online marketplace welcomes talented designers, enticing them with the easy review process, the interesting commission offered and surely the number of members present on the website.

9.Flash Mint

If you are looking for a place where custom-made WordPress themes are sold as if they were made out of gold, then FlashMint is the name to consider. This website is visited by an impressive number of people on a regular basis, you can certainly see why your WordPress themes will be sold before you even begin to imagine what is actually happening. Plus, they have a very nice commission to offer.

10.Template Sold

TemplateSold has one of the most interesting systems of commissions offered to those who want to sell their WordPress themes. You have to understand that the commission you are offered depends on your sales volume; for example, if you sell somewhere between $0 and $10.000, then your commission will be of 45%, increasing to 85% for the overwhelming sum of $250.000.

11.Woo Themes

Being visited by a lot of people, WooThemes is definitely a good place to sell your products and it is guaranteed that you will be pleased with the terms presented. Not only will you receive a commission of 20% from your initial sale buy also gain 20% for each and every user who has renewed his or her subscription to the website.

12.Studio Press

This online marketplace should be found on the list of anyone who is talented enough to create premium WordPress themes. The submission process is incredibly simple and you will definitely be satisfied with the terms of the agreement; soon, your themes will be purchased by other people and you will receive a nice commission just because you added your creations on StudioPress.

13.Kreative Themes

As the name itself suggests, this website welcomes anyone who is creative and dedicated to making some of the best WordPress themes out there. The themes that you want can be easily added on the Internet and, given the number of visitors who arrive to the website on a daily basis, they will certainly not last too long before they are purchased.

14.Themes Rain

This website has one of the best commissions to offer, meaning 70% and the review process is not that strict. You can also consider it because of the decent pay, the decent amount of traffic and the guaranteed notoriety for your newly created themes.Unfortunately, we should still wait for its complete launching.


Last, but not least, ThemeShift is the ideal place to visit in case you have designed a premium Word Press theme and you want to show everyone what you are capable of. They especially welcomes themes that are extremely well coded, so you might want to pay increased attention to this fact.

Shawn is freelance designer and WordPress enthusiast. Don’t settle for cheap or low quality Magazine WordPress Themes. Browse the Magazine Theme category at NTHEMES and you will never be lacking a high-quality Magazine-styled WordPress Template.


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  • dlysen

    I often buy on themeforest. Good customer support from the seller side. thumbs up for themeforest authors.

  • Buchete

    I only buy WP from Theme Forest and Woo Themes. All themes from these two sites look very professional.

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  • Turner

    Themeforest and Code Canyon suck, and the both of you PAID hacks know it! Their policy CLEARLY states that developers are NOT required to provide support and are NOT required to even respond to requests for support.

    I was looking for themes recently, and a Google search returned a Themeforest link for a theme, and I clicked on it, not realizing I would end up in the Themeforest black hole. And wouldn’t you know it: some poor sap who had bought a theme from some wanna-be developer poser, was literally begging for assistance for a major problem he was experiencing with the piece of crap theme he bought, and the clown who glued the thing together didn’t even reply to him! The dude had left at least 5 requests for assistance over a 7-day period–with NO replyyyyyyy.

    Stay AWAY from anything dealing with Themeforest. That includes Code Canyon too. If you buy from them, you WILL regret it.

  • I have often noticed that when you generate huge commission above 40 $ aprox, they often void your sell with some reason like reversal or product or fake sale generation notice because of system error. So there arises some doubts some time.

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  • WPResell

    You can also sell your WordPress websites, plugins and themes for no fees at http://www.WPResell.com.