15 Unique Car Website Designs

A good web designer can make any online endeavor look good but that job is made much easier when the topic at hand offers some coolness in and of itself and, while there are more than a few products that hold that kind of edge, there is no online topic so open to flexible, high-tech and attractive design than that of automobiles.

Whether you’re in the process of designing a car website yourself or simply need a little inspiration to help you to push your next project over the edge, here are 15 unique car website designs for your perusal:

Read these tips and learn how website design can add an impact to your business.

1. Chevrolet


The official website of car manufacturer Chevrolet is a content-rich affair hemmed within a clean and easy to navigate design, making everything from admiring photographs to reading about advanced technical details a breeze.

2. Volkswagen


Another website with an eye for clean design is that of German car maker Volkswagen. Useful links providing users with direct access to dealer quotes and information are never far while the site is chock full of photos, promotional material and other goodies for car buyers and enthusiasts.

3. Pontiac


Pontiac takes a different approach with their online efforts, using their space to showcase vibrant pictures of their various sports models instead of providing easier to navigate white space and clear menus.

4. Ford


American company Ford takes an approach somewhere in between that of Chevrolet and Pontiac, using the above-the-fold area of the website to hold eye-catching imagery while still providing ample navigation opportunities in the clean area below the fold.

5. Toyota


The unique image and text combination used in Toyota’s website navigation and menu structure sets it apart from those appearing previously in our list in their efforts to give visitors an enticing reason to further explore their products.

6. Acura


One of the best of the bunch, the official website of Acura combines beauty with functionality in a wonderful way, making for a visually immersive experience that is quick and responsive. Navigation menus are highlighted with well-placed images, encouraging visitors to browse and meshing nicely with the overall design.

7. General Motors (GMC)

General Motors (GMC)

General Motors sets a good excellent in the usefulness of simplicity, trading high-resolution imagery for a simple white background. Navigation elements are kept deliberately simple, making in-depth navigation more difficult but helping potential customers to focus on local dealerships instead.

8. Jeep


The official website of Jeep offers interactivity from the home page outwards, allowing visitors to quickly learn more about showcased vehicles without the need for even a single click.

9. Mercedes-Benz


According to Cheapcarrental.net, Mercedes is currently the most popular luxury car in the United States. A luxury car maker requires a luxury website and no one does luxury like Mercedes-Benz! This website uses sleek, dark colors to add to its allure while offering no-click dropdowns that showcase each series of car individually.

10. Subaru


Subaru allows the main page of its official website to be dominated by an interactive slider while featuring navigation elements above and below.

11. Scion


One of the only websites in our list to utilize sidebar navigation, Scion’s official web offering makes good use of its ample white space by combining imagery and text to showcase each family of vehicles it offers.

12. Hummer


Being derived from an army vehicle, the Hummer is nothing if not rugged and its official website offers photographs at a glance that instantly remind visitors of the versatile truck’s capabilities.

13. Chrysler


A beautiful use of photography dominates Chrysler’s official website, showing off their latest models while offering easy-to-use navigation elements above.

14. BMW


Encouraging visitors to delve deeper into their website, BMW uses detailed navigation menus that allow quick access to a wide variety of specifications and reviews of their vehicles.

15. Lamborghini


As might be expected from the maker of one of the most attractive cars in the world, Lamborghini gives their website over to visual extremes, using graphics and photographs to bring to mind images of speed and power.

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