16 Artistic and Creative Nike Ads

In order for a product to hit a great market, it needs a good form of advertising. Advertising is a form of communication used in helping sell products and services. Typically it communicates a message including the name of the product or service and how that product or service could potentially benefit the consumer. However, advertising does typically attempt to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service.

Below are the lists of Nike advertisement, an artistic and creative way of conveying consumers.

Mars Cureg

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  • Joyo


    lab it!

  • pinkdiaries

    nice shoes, nike!

    • they look nicer with those additional elements

  • TSI

    I have noticed from your previous posts that of all the objects you preferred to choose and habitually use a Nike sneaker in creating those awesome graphics, i wonder hehe..great!!!

    • dream big mate, I only own an Adidas right now 🙁

  • The shoes looks good.
    The edits looks better!

    I want to buy those shoes!

    • I wonder if they really looks good without the editing

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  • Kelvin Servigon

    I wonder how they did those ads! They are just, FANTASTIC!

  • p0kw4ng

    totally beautiful!

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  • boypulubi

    A great splash of colours on each photograph.
    I quite like that all but one has that glossy effect.
    Would you consider this as web 2.0 design?

    Very cool to look at – wouldn't hurt your eyes.