17 Apple Store Cube Photos

When it comes to photography, having the same subject can have a lot of angle to shoot from, specially when it comes to architecture designs and landscape. The Apple store that was located at 5th Avenue in New York brings a promising perspective for a photographer – a geek photographer.

According to fastcompany.com

What’s the 28th most photographed built landmark in the world? According to Cornell, it’s the Apple Store Cube. Cornell students fed 35 million Flickr images into a university supercomputer to determine the most photographed landmarks. The Fifth Avenue Apple Store is the fifth most popular in New York–beating out the Statue of Liberty!–and number 28 worldwide. The top landmarks on earth? You probably guessed right: Eiffel Tower, Trafalgar Square, Tate Modern, Big Ben, Notre Dame, London Eye, Empire State Building. New York was the most photographed place, with the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Rockefeller Center taking the top spots.



Image Source: Flickr, Engadget, Fastcompany

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  • the.dentist

    What’s an Apple “Stobe?”

    • thanks for the quick notice on this, typo error. One of the mortal sin in creating a post

  • watermarking

    It`s “Mekka” for apple funs)

    • nice description 🙂

  • melody

    1 thing in common talaga sa mga pictures.. may apple na logo.

    • its the apple store melody….

  • Wow, i wonder how much it cost them to build it there?

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