19 Eye-Catching Fireworks Display – The 2009 Final Post

The final post for this year 2009 is a collection of eye-catching fireworks display. Five days to go and we are in 2010, to wrap up this year, I just want to extend my gratitude, first of all I want to thank all of you who have stumbled to my blog, to those who visit regularly, to those who linked me on their blog, sponsors who advertised. People that I met through this medium of communication, great artist’s around the world, artist’s who have permitted me to use their artworks and most special thanks to our God who is always there watching us and giving us air to breath for us to continue the works of art and share to all the readers in our own blog.

Lastly, I would like also to thank my family that from the start of this www thingy, they are my inspirations. To Intel, Nvidia, HP, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Logitech, Creative, Nokia, Oman Mobile, Nawras, Levi’s, Guess, Tribal gear, Bench, Dickies and to all. Happy New Year!

Wish you all a prosperous New Year! Rock en Roll!

Mars Cureg

Web designer by profession, photography hobbyist, T-shirt lover, design blog founder, gamer. Socially and physically awkward, lack of social skills, struggles to communicate with anyone who doesn't have a keyboard. Willing to walk to get to the promised land. Photo and video freelancer, SEO. Check out more on my Google+

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  • tsiremo

    Stunning photos..

    Happy New Year Mars!!!

    • Happy New Year too, Tsi careful with fire crackers

  • Mr. Cheesy

    I liked those photos. they all looked fantastic. Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year Mr. Cheesy

  • jason

    those firework are great. I wish i could see that in flesh!

    i had goosebumps by just scrolling down the mouse scroll button.