2 Winners of Free Pro Plans of Wibiya Bar

Two week ago we have started a giveaway post, which is the total prize is a whooping $238.8, and this is courtesy Wibiya. So we came to the final day and the giveaway is finally closed and today, we are going to announce the two lucky winners of Pro Wibiya Plans worth $119.4 each.

But before anything else, we would to express our gratitude to our generous sponsor, Wibiya.

Wibiya provides a social bar that enables blogs and websites to integrate the most exciting services and web apps onto their site.

Their platform is a one-stop shop for fully customizable, easily manageable third party web apps. Wibiya also provides real time stats and information on the apps from the Wibiya user dashboard.

Adding the Wibiya bar allows publishers to choose from a great variety of apps and features including a variety of facebook and twitter sharing apps in addition to many other social networking sites, Smart Share capabilities, notifications, an online shop, games, a foursquare app, 3D galleries and much, much more.

Here is list of people who have participated…

  1. Manuel Garcia
  2. Sumon @ WPCypher
  3. kyrul
  4. Septian Ahmad
  5. soulmenj
  6. Clint
  7. Praveen
  8. graphicbuzz
  9. Septian ahmad

As stated from the giveaway post, winners will be selected using a service from random.org

And the lucky winners are…

Congratulations to…

kyrul and Manuel Garcia

Winners will be contacted by a representative from Wibiya.

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  • Manuel Garcia

    Wow, i never thought that i will be one of the winners here. I just want to support orphicpixel.com but this is so much in return. Thank you so much 🙂

    • thank you for the support

  • Ben Lang


  • Septian

    oh, no ..i lost. Congratulation for the winners 🙂

    • don’t worry just keep posted, there are more to come

      • Septian

        Yes, i wait for the next 😀

  • soulmenj

    congrats to all winners!