20 Best Cherry-Based WordPress Templates for You to Single Out

Looking for a cheap and simple way to redesign your website? Bet you are. Custom websites take a lot of money and time, and by “a lot” it is meant ten or even more times more then a pre-designed and ready-to-use template. Here’s the solving of all your problems connected with website – an already designed theme.

Below is a great collection of ready-to-use templates for all your needs. Here you can find a perfect match for a website of any industry. If you weren’t able to find the one that fits you the best – give it another try by visiting the site of the provider of these wonderful templates, TemplateMonster.com
will serve you the greatest variety of WordPress themes.

Here are the benefits of getting a template from TemplateMonster.com:

Superior Look Of Your Website Overnight
These twenty themes are WordPress CMS designed , that ensures their simplicity of instalation and setting up. They’re all ready “out-of-the-box”, in that way, you can use website’s full potential the next day you get one.
Great Money Savings

Don’t even ask why the savings are great. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a custom template, you’ll have to spend less than a hundred to get the ready one, and an affordable fee for a help with customization and setting up your website for your needs.

Fully Customizable, Mobile-friendly and Easy To Use Templates

Cherry framework allows to create easy-to-use and customize themes. Thanks to Cherry, your template has a great customization potential plus an ability to give it even more uniqueness with the help of different images you use. Also, these themes suit for every screen size of every modern mobile devise and bring an exceptional experience to the visitor of your website.

Licensed Images

Don’t worry about the copyrights, you get all images with getting the template automatically. Use them the way you want.

24/7 Professional Support

As a honourable provider of decent templates, TemplateMonster.com offers 24/7 professional support, no matter before or after buying your template.

Check out these stylish website themes designed for your needs

Architecture Company WordPress Theme

Clean design and bright highlights. A very informative template for your architecture company.


Details | Demo

Weight Loss Responsive WordPress Template

Pleasant colors and bright images with vegetables and fit people will bring just enough motivation for your visitors.

Details | Demo

High Tech Business WordPress Design

This simple yet stylish theme for any marketing company is a perfect choice with its unusual header and informative thesis columns.

Details | Demo

Law Firm Responsive WordPress Template

Nobody said, that lawyers are boring and all about giant texts and facts. Get your clients interested in you by showing off your creative approach to work.

Details | Demo

Art And Photography WordPress Theme

Great variant of a website for a photographer. Simple monochrome design with unusual buttons and headers looks very original.

Details | Demo

Fitness And Health Responsive WordPress Template

Pretty fonts, big images and vivid colors make this template a perfect match for a website about dieting.

Details | Demo

Insurance Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Mostly simple and dark theme with bright red elements that grab attention is a great choice for an insurance company. Just like in life, you highlight the most important things.

Details | Demo

Car Service Responsive WordPress Theme

Classic and bright colors and unusual background offers you a great variant of a website for your car service.

Details | Demo

Stylish Corporate Business WordPress Design

Shades of grey and black-and-white photos make this website calm yet persuasive in your professionalism.

Details | Demo

Luxury Architecture WordPress Template

Big fonts and wide images will show all your skills in modern architecture. Make your works of art speak by themselves.

Details | Demo

Software Company WordPress Theme

Great design for an innovative software company. It’s bright and vivid, semi-transparent slides make it look even more stylish.

Details | Demo

Business Analytics WordPress Theme

Minimalistic responsive template is for people who want to get a professional-looking an at the same time creative website. Great choise for any company connected with analytics.

Details | Demo

Consulting Agency WordPress Template

Dark-colored theme with some bright accents in minimalistic style is a decent choice for a creative consulting company.

Details | Demo

Scientific WordPress Template

It has professional look with a lot of information in it, and everything is just on the right place. Easy to browse, easy to manage.

Details | Demo

Photo Studio Responsive WordPress Theme

Dark colors and shades of green make this template look really stylish. A good combination for a website about photography.

Details | Demo

Law Firm Responsive WordPress Design

Serious and reserved colorscheme ensures you visitors that you’re a professional.

Details | Demo

Car Repair Responsive WordPress Template

Sleek and simple design with gradient colors look smooth and stylish, with a lot of information in it. Good choive for a car repair or service company.

Details | Demo

Horse Club Responsive WordPress Theme

Great variant for a website about everything connected with equestrian. Natural background and unusual shades of colors grant great experience with your website.

Details | Demo

Management Company WordPress Theme

This responsive big-resolution design with really unusual background and contrast colors is a good variant for a management company.

Details | Demo

Natural Interior Flooring WordPress Theme

Neutral colors with some bright accents and big images allows you to advertise your company as one that actually cares about the quality of their work.

Details | Demo

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