20 Excellent Examples of HTML5 Websites

HMTL5 is the en vogue trend in website design right now. Whilst it is technically still in development stages, many web developers are dabbling in this latest method and producing some rather innovative results. Here are 20 examples of HTML5 websites and elements in action on the World Wide Web today:






  1. Arsenal Football Club


    When Premier League football club Arsenal redesigned their website earlier this year, they wanted to improve its mobile user experience. HTML5 makes for cleaner coding, and is a smart choice for responsive design.

  2. Currys


    Electrical retailer, Curry’s, uses HTML5 elements to improve the look and navigation of its ecommerce store. Again, the company opted for a HTML5 site to improve the user experience when visited from a mobile or tablet device

  3. GOV.uk


    GOV.uk is a streamlined government website and resource for the general public. The designers wanted the website to be “forward looking”, making HTML5 the logical choice. This modern look recently saw the GOV.uk website win the Design of the Year award.

  4. Museums Sheffield


    The website for this charitable trust features a whole host of killer HTML5 elements including audio, video and canvas. These and the other semantic elements uses in the Museums Sheffield website make for a clean and modern design.

  5. Zizzi


    Restaurant chain, Zizzi, used to rely on Flash for their website. When they were due a redesign, they turned to HTML5 to retain some the flexibility and fluidity of a Flash website; with the responsive elements of HTML and CSS.

  6. Sony Tablet S


    This brochure site for the Sony Tablet S is as cutting edge as the product; featuring elements from both HTML5 and CSS3. The mark-up has been used to place heavier emphasis on high quality video footage, to showcase the tablet in all its glory.

  7. Nike Better World

    The eye-catching website for Nike Better World is yet another example of HTML5 elements at their best. The clean, fresh and modern design is built with the end user in mind, and is perfectly optimised for mobile and tablet devices.

  8. Avon Renew

    The Brazilian website for Renew from costmetics brand Avon, follows a similar look and feel to the previous websites. The HTML5 elements add real depth, whilst the user-friendly layout means that – whatever the screen size – finding the product you’re after is easy.

  9. Energy Centre


    This site is rather unusual as it was built for mobile devices first, all using HTLM5 mark-up. If you’re looking to build a responsive site, it seems that HTML5 is the weapon of choice. This way of developing ensures that all visitors get the best possible user experience, no matter what device they visit from.

  10. Volkswagen Beetle


    Volkswagen have outdone themselves with this visually stunning website for their most famous car. The clean navigation, strong header image, and HTML5 semantic elements all work together to create a site that packs a punch.

  11. Find Your Way to Oz


    This Disney website was launched to coincide with the release of Oz: The Great and Powerful. The interactive game is as visually stunning as the Oz franchise, thanks to the inclusion of some pretty magical HTML5 elements.

  12. Living World


    Language and translations experts, Living World weren’t just satisfied with adding one new web design trend to their website. Their site currently boasts parallax and HTML5 elements to highlight their products and services.

  13. Fix My Street


    This user-generated website allows UK residents to submit problems such as potholes, broken street lighting and more. The site itself is fairly simple and nothing to shout about design wise, but uses HTML5 features to bring it bang up to date.

  14. Royal Caribbean International


    Mixing traditional with contemporary, the cruise liner company opted for a HTML5 base when the time came for their website redesign. The cleaner code makes for a cleaner design, and helps to keep the overall look and feel of the site consistent.

  15. The Killers


    Indie rock band, The Killers, used to rely on a Flash based website; something which is obviously no good for the smart phone generation. Their newly designed website used HTML5 as a replacement, something which is perfect for the videos the website uses.

  16. Hyundai Veloster

    Another automotive website; the European site for the Hyundai Veloster features HTML5 semantic elements to boost interactivity and user experience. The clean and modern design is easily adapted for mobiles and tablets thanks to the mark-up.

  17. Youzee

    US movie rentals website, Youzee, features a bold design that is perfectly tailored to a young audience. And young audiences surf the web on their mobiles; perhaps the principle reason Youzee opted for a modern HTML5 website.

  18. Dilly Deli


    The website for this local deli is fresh, modern, and screams big brand. The website is designed very much like a menu, something made possible with the fluidity and flexibility of  HTML5 based development.

  19. PWL Partnership


    This professional website features many HTML5 elements to showcase their services; landscape architecture. The striking image rotator and strong imagery looks almost Flash based, but is optimised for all devices with the aid of HTML5.

  20. The Green House



    Our final example of HTML5 web design in action is the striking website from The Green House. With interactivity and user experience at the forefront of the design, it is clear that the web design elements have contributed to a professional looking site.

    So there you have it! 20 excellent examples of HMTL5 web design. What other websites have you come across that employ these techniques? Share them below

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