20 Free Halloween Posters to Jumpstart Your Spooky Party

Over the years, posters have been an essential promotional tool to deliver information to everyone. There are a lot of styles as to how it is created, ranging from complicated text styles, colorful and creative palettes, to more integrated graphical designs or the combination of three. And it is really significant to consider the design, graphics, colors and typography to effectively create a more stunning, eye-candy, attention catchy posters that everybody will surely read and appreciate. We believe that a poster must not be boring and dull, and we presume that nobody wants to focus their attention to posters of that boring kind.

In producing an effective and informative poster, one must dedicate his time, patience and creativity to render a design that will surely catch the attention of anyone who’ll be passing by the corner or just walking along the streets and with that, a person might just get interested to attend your event.

And speaking of event, Halloween is just a few counts away! Kids and people of all ages would surely love to have a treat or trick in your party. Are you planning for a spooky party, and thinking of how you should inform everyone about it? How about crafting your cool poster designs to encourage people to come with you and party all night?

If yes, you just landed on the right place. We have gathered some of the best vector designs to jumpstart and spice up your spooky party. Below, we have handpicked these vectors based on their designs, aesthetics and significance. You don’t need to buy expensive vectors online anymore, because all of these can be downloaded for FREE and designs are fully customizable. So go ahead, and choose the best one based on your taste preferrences. But don’t forget to check the licenses to get the most out of ’em.

Halloween party poster of pumpkin Vector | Free Download

This vector design features a pumpkin with a creative typography.

Halloween party poster with witch drawing Vector | Free Download

This poster features a witch which highlights its overall design

Halloween party poster of scarecrow Vector | Free Download

With a scarecrow and a trident, it seamlessly highlights its playful design


Halloween brochure with a wolf howling Vector | Free Download

Flat and modern, the poster also features a howling wolf


Halloween poster cat with witch hat Premium Vector | Free Download

Cute and spooky, this design contains a cat and a bunch of pumpkins


Scary halloween party poster Free Vector | Free Download

Trick or treat! This vector poster features a haunted house and a cool combination of fonts which renders a great design


Spooky halloween party poster Vector | Free Download

With a bunch of zombies on the foreground, this is perfect for a zombie themed halloween party halloween-poster-07

Hand-drawn poster with a vampire holding a pumpkin | Free Download

With Dracula on the background, this poster is great for simple yet eye catchy design


Halloween party poster with haunted pumpkins | Free Download

Love pumpkins? Here’s a cool design you can grab right away.


Halloween party poster of harlequin | Free Download

How about flat and modern design? Here it is!


Halloween party flyer with cemetery drawing | Free Download

Another cool example of a flat poster design, it is simple yet intuitive.


Vintage background for a happy halloween | Free Download

With a combination of mystic blue and daunting black, every color matches its seamless design


Music party invitation for halloween | Free Download

Great for a halloween music party, it features a pumpkin at the center and a vinyl around it


Hand-drawn party poster for halloween | Free Download

Shades of green and a combination of cool typography, everything seems to be cool rendition of creativity


Background with a pumpkin on a haunted house for halloween | Free Download

Has a cool font style and a combination of traditional gradients and flat design


Poster of halloween costume party | Free Download

Try this awesome poster design to jumpstart your party.


Halloween party flyer of nice zombie | Free Download

This poster features Frankenstein in flat  design with a combination of cool font and a purple palette on the background


Halloween flyer with elegant pumpkins | Free Download

Recommended for a spooky halloween music party, this design will likely encourage everyone to attend your event


Halloween poster with ghosts and bats | Free Download

Recommended for a spooky halloween music party, this design will likely encourage everyone to attend your event


Halloween flyer with a green-haired witch | Free Download

This modern poster design features a witch with a green colored hair.


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