20 Most Amazing Wallpapers of Grand Canyon

As you know, the Grand Canyon is a very famous tourist destination with over 4 million people from all over the world visiting this place.

Have you ever wondered how Grand Canyon was formed? Well, scientific research shows that it was formed mainly by the course of the Colorado River, erosion and continental drift. It took millions of years to create such beautiful structures.

When you visit this place, you will actually feel a spiritual envelope created within you. Feeling that breeze over the 2 billion-year-old rock layers will actually make you realize that you have just teleported yourself to another world encountering new experiences. This is a strong recommendation to everyone who hasn’t yet visited Grand Canyon…Just visit once in your lifetime to experience one of the most amazing landmarks in the world. For once you can get away from your daily life and see what’s on the other side of the world.

There are many images of Grand Canyon landscapes available but I’ve chosen the best aerial view photos. For inspiration, you can download them in different sizes through Flickr and use it virtually or print them as large wallpapers.

Grand Canyon South Rim

Grand Canyon: South Rim

Grand Canyon: Above Cardenas Creek

Grand Canyon: Colorado River towards Tanner Rapid


Grand Canyon: Colorado River North of Confluence


Grand Canyon: Cape Final on North Rim


Grand Canyon: Confluence of Colorado & Little Colorado Rivers


Grand Canyon: Cape Final


Grand Canyon: Point Imperial & Mount Hayden


Grand Canyon: Diana Temple, Scorpion Ridge


Grand Canyon: Mencius and Confucious Temples


Grand Canyon: Geikie Peak, Scorpion Ridge


Grand Canyon: Diana Temple


Grand Canyon: Winter Storm


Grand Canyon: Grandview Point 1945-264


Grand Canyon: NP Lipan Point


Grand Canyon: Panorama Point S Kaibab Trail


Grand Canyon: Marble Canyon Navajo Bridges


Grand Canyon: Colorado River Nankoweap Granaries


Grand Canyon: North Rim Point Imperial


Grand Canyon: Colorado River, Geikie Peak

Images from official Grand Canyon NPS, Flickr.com

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