20 simple Hacks to Keep Yourself Motivated throughout the Day

We live in a time when more and more individuals are becoming self employed entrepreneurs and finding themselves in positions where they have no one to report to but themselves. This situation is ideal in many ways but could prove dangerous if one lacks the necessary work ethic and drive to stay on track and complete necessary tasks in a timely manner. How can one, who seemingly COULD stay in their pajamas all day, make sure that they get up, get going, and stay motivated throughout each day?

1. Believe in your Objective

When you truly believe in the good of your company’s mission statement and you are doing something that you are really passionate about, it is easy to find the energy to get going and stay moving because you are working for something good.

2. Remind yourself of the “Why”

Don’t allow yourself to lose sight of that “why.” Remind yourself everyday of that greater goal and what you are doing for others through your work. Post reminders in your work space, all over to keep you going throughout the day.

3. Treat your Job Like You are Working for Someone Else

If you treat this job just like any other, presenting yourself with the same professionalism, being on time, looking nice and working in a timely manner, it will be much easier for you to complete tasks and stay motivated. You are the boss, be strict with yourself.

4. Set a Schedule

Set a work schedule and stick to it. This will ensure that you are getting plenty of work done throughout the day and it will help to decrease the likely hood that you will continue to work into free family or play time. Set limits for yourself, and if you are late to start, finish late as well.

5. Get Dressed for the Office

Dresses like you are going to work. Dressing for the office will help you to get more done and feel professional. Dressing for the couch, will more than likely result with you on the couch.

6. Set Goals

Set daily, weekly and monthly goals for things that you need to accomplish. Having those short term milestones give us a sense of accomplishment once completed, and the boosts of confidence to keep moving forward.

7. Create an Incentive Program

Reward yourself for reaching those milestones. Give yourself a bigger reward for completing those larger ones. Anything from a sushi lunch to a night out at the theater will give you something to work towards.

8. Don’t Settle for Less than Success

Do not give yourself room to slack. Expect the same or better from yourself that you would from another employee.

9. Take Breaks

Don’t force yourself to work straight through, take scheduled breaks or at least make yourself take one every few hours, this will leave you feeling ready to go when you start again.

10. Create an Office Space

Make sure you have a designated “office” area to work in. Keep this space as uncluttered as possible. Having a place you report to daily where you conduct your business will help to keep the lines between work and home less blurred.

11. Dress up Your Space

Make sure that your “office” space is attractive and decorated with colors and items that wake you up and help you to stay focused. Again, avoid clutter and post inspirational quotes to get you going.

12. Change it Up

Add a little variety into the work. Try to spread out the work load so that every day is not the same and each day varies in what you are working on. This will help you avoid slipping into a rut.

13. Remember the Pros

Find ways to constantly remind yourself of all the great things that come with being your own boss, like you can take a vacation if you really want to.

14. Have a Support System

There is going to be stress and it is going to be hard sometimes. Having a great support system in place to listen and get you through those rough patches will help you avoid giving up.

15. Eat Well

Take those lunches. Don’t get so caught up that you forget to eat. You need the energy to keep you going.

16. Get Your Sleep

If you stay up too late, it will be harder to get up in the morning, and when it’s time for lunch your couch will be calling your name. Don’t make temptation worse on yourself.

17. Set Deadlines

Set deadlines and force yourself to keep to them. This is a great way to make sure things get done when they are supposed to.

18. Keep your Dreams Clear

Don’t ever lose sight of the bigger picture. All this work makes it possible for you to have a great house or send your kids to the best school. Remind yourself of what really matters.

19. Stop Trying to Be Perfect

Perfectionism is paralyzing. Give up on trying to be PERFECT and just do things well.

20. Have Fun!!

Make sure that you are smiling and laughing each day, it makes everything brighter and easier. After all, you are your own boss, and that’s pretty awesome!

George Gallagher works for not-for-profit student loan provider cuStudentLoans. When not helping students figure out their financing needs he enjoys contributing productivity and personal finance articles to a handful of popular blogs.


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