22 Beautiful Debossed Business Card Designs

In this modern age, business cards had been considered by many as a “secret weapon” for effective marketing. It has the role to introduce your business to a client appealingly, or it could also be used to introduce your skills to apply for a certain position. In other word, business card will serve to be your personal “spokesperson”, and with the advancement of technology we now have today, graphic designers and printing companies has now made some “upgrades” that can provide more charm to business cards, and this is in the matter of what they call “debossing”.

Debossing is a process of putting a combined heat and pressure to push a certain design or image below the level of the paper. This will make a certain business card more attractive comparing to normal designs. Moreover, debossing has two types and this is the “registered debossing” and “blind debossing”. Registered debossing means certain colors will be applied to the paper to enhance the impression of the business card, while blind debossing is equal to a no ink debossed business card. In addition, to complete a debossing, it runs to some different stages and it has also separate charges, and for most printing companies, it takes 24 to 48 hour print turnaround to complete a finish product.

If  you have other additional resources of debossed business card, share in the comment box and we will be happy to include them on our next post.

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  • thedesignpin

    Nice ones. Though I prefer business cards with more colour in them those are pretty cool. The greyish one with inscription War Printing is stylish. Thanks for that post.

  • Md.Bakhtiar Uddin

    Good ideas

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  • USB metallic business cards

    I really like the collection of embossed printed business cards..an innovative way to make a lasting impression on clients.. I will surely try one of them!