22 Spectacular Websites Inspired by Mountains

Many people have always been charmed with all sorts of mountains. They love to look at them, to climb them up high, wander around them, sometimes even live near or right in between them. Mountains have always been the most magnetic andharmonious among other natural phenomena.

Web designers are no exception – they draw their inspiration from basically anywhere, and nature is one of the top locations. Mountains, obviously, is a perfect place to get inspired – either they are high, average or low, famous or absolutely unknown, seen in spring all green or covered in white snow somewhere in never-ending winter.

Below is the collection of particularly captivating websites with mountains in their interface. Enjoy the view and feel free to share the websites that inspire you in the comments below!

  1. The Red Rock Ranch

    The Red Rock Ranch

  2. Asa
  3. Jennings Brewery

  4. Estrela Santiago

  5. Alaska Zipline Adventures

  6. Anchorage
  7. Cathedral Mountain Lodge

  8. Grand Canyon Skywalk
  9. Sayonara

  10. Alpine Meadows

  11. Arizona Grand Canyon

  12. Talkeetna

  13. The Georgian Wine Society

  14. Stephan Siegrist

  15. Mozart Young Academy
  16. eCoki

  17. Ian Burton

  18. Fell and Mountain

  19. August

  20. Native Springs
  21. Hellenic Holidays

  22. Adventure Drop


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