22 Supple Plastic Business Card Designs

Would you like to stand out in a trade show, conference or any business networking event? Being different and extending an unforgettable impression has never been so easy with these demiurgic plastic business cards. At present business cards printing services had been producing business cards printed on paper however, things do change as time evolves. Everyone is aware that after acquiring a stack of cards from various participants during any business event most of these cards are being thrown out and they would only take those which had displayed a unique statement of their products or services.

Since these plastic business cards are durable, comes with high quality and modern, instead of throwing them away they create a lasting impression that makes each recipient keep it and eventually pass on to other potential clients. Due to its creative design which is made possible by polymer plastic that allows light to pass through diffusely, it captures and holds your attention whenever you glance at it.There are many type of plastic cards that can be used in order to produce this magnificent business cards. First would be the plain or clear translucent plastic where it allows some distinctive design elements such as watermarks printing and faux frosted look using tint screens, spot colors and 4-color process for a unique appearance. Next would be the tinted translucent plastic which has a matt texture surface that will give an enhanced look if the over-all design that is printed on it.

Each businessman desires to stand out in this competitive world and one option has been made possible through the use of these plastic business cards. These cards will truly make a strong statement of your business due to its appeal that has been strongly shown from its unique structure and design. So if you want to give your business a much needed attention then why don’t you start acquiring these exemplary business cards to hand out to your new sets of potential customers.


Translucent Photographer Business Card

Aramor Payments Business Cards

Fluid Audience

Stephen Simonetto

Transparent plastic business card

Self Promotional Business Cards

Logo Work

Via Business Card

Hola Hello

Business cards for Nymfea

Dario Monetini




Grafix Unlimited

We The Printers

Frantisek Krivda

DJ business card

Catalyst Studios

Digital Fish

Dreamten Studios



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