26 Colorful and Minimal Wallpapers to Download

You scratch your head while waiting, waiting for eternity while starting up your computer and loads all the desktops icons that if only a horizontal scroll bar is applicable to desktop view sure thing you will see one from there, and that is how clutter your desktop is. Despite the fact that you are pack with the highest system configuration for sure if you work in design field. Cluttered desktop which is full of shortcut icons and files has an impact to system performance especially after the boot up process.

And you finally decided to clear and tidy things up and clean your desktop, trash those unused shortcut icons and files that you just save it there during your lazy times. With this action you are already one step to minimalism.

Suddenly, you found yourself designing a clean wallpaper to beautify your desktop or you might just as well head straight to your favorite design resources website and look for those ready and elegant crafted wallpaper. Look no further! We have curated 26 minimal wallpapers for you to enjoy and beautify your desktops with!


Mars Cureg

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