Simplify your Desktop with these 28 Minimalist Wallpapers

You often download files from the internet and just save it to your desktop folder for easy access, this is also applicable when saving files. We love to save files in a location where we can easily see and minimized the amount of clicks to open a folder and look for certain files.

Now, here comes the day that you are irritated on how messy is your desktop and started to trash some files and transfer the other just to give space attain a better desktop view. But putting away those files will not definitely turn your desktop pleasing to you and others, there is more important aspect to consider, this is on choosing the right background or wallpaper that will turn things uncluttered and tidy.

Start neatening your desktop and choose from these 28 minimalist wallpapers. Head to Simple Desktops to download them.


Mars Cureg

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