3 Things You Didn’t Know about 3D Modeling

3D modeling is everywhere nowadays, from being widely used in films and commercials to being the backbones of the gaming industry, and with the advent of virtual reality and 3D printing, the trend is only projected to continue. This article will put the field into perspective and will inform you about the little known facts that you might’ve not known.

#1 The Story of the Teapot

You might’ve seen an inconspicuous teapot sitting around in films like Toy Story, video games like the Sims 2, and many other infomercials, commercials, tutorials, etc. It is one of the most popular symbols in the 3D modeling world, and it all started when a professor in Utah wanted to test the various aspects of graphics like texturing, lighting, shadows, etc. on a 3D object. He found out that all the current models are too simplistic to adequately display the features and performance of his algorithms, and that’s how he set out to create a 3D object that would be perfect for testing effects and algorithms on. When he was sitting in the kitchen with his wife, he got the idea of designing and modeling a teapot, and he went straight to his pen and paper. From that day onwards, millions of young and inexperienced 3D modelers have made that teapot one of their first renders – even experienced modelers working in big companies sometimes use the teapot to test out new methods. That’s why it is still as popular as ever being featured in countless movies and games as a cool easter egg.

#2 The Indispensability of 3D Modeling to Marketing

You might be surprised to learn how dependent marketing and customer outreaching is on 3D modeling and design. From creating the products in the best possible way using 3D tools so they can look attractive and flawless using eye-catching fonts, designs, and objects in your ads to attract the largest pool of customers. Almost everything in product marketing relies on 3D  modeling and graphic design now.

This is important whether you’re a business owner or a fledgling 3D modeler:

  • If you’re running your own business, the sooner you understand the necessity of 3d modeling the better: it is the most effective way of making your products flawless and attractive. That’s why you need to commission a 3D modeling company to recreate your products in the digital sphere, so you can use it in your upcoming campaigns. Relying on product rendering services offered by Mimeeq, which are high quality and photorealistic, will make your products much more professional looking and customizable.
  • If you’re a 3D modeler, you have to understand the growing market for people with your skills in the marketing sphere, and if it sounds like something you enjoy, the sooner you cultivate the specific skills to be successful in this sector the sooner you can land an excellent job. Although generalized modeling skills are definitely necessary, you should also have an idea on the marketing world and the techniques used there so you can adequately satisfy your clients.

#3 Modeling Jobs are Projected to Increase for the Next 15 Years

Our world is getting more digital by the second, and it is no surprise that people most capable to create things for this digital world will be more in demand. Various studies and reports by LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. all project increase in demand for 3D modelers anywhere from 20% to 50% over the next 15 years.

This means that if it has been your hobby all along, there has never been a better time to finally decide you want to invest in learning 3D modeling full time. The internet forums are more welcoming than ever, the tools and programs you need are becoming bug-free and extremely versatile, and the job market is opening up its doors wide open for candidates with these skills.

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