30 Photoshop Fire Textures You Must Have

Textures come handy when you’re seriously into a design. Fire, flames or explosion are frequently used effects in everyday design. In general, they look hard to implement, specially to create a quality one. I have a habit of collecting all the possible textures when am working on different designs. The other day am working on a website with black background and fire around the bike racer on top of header.

So, I spent around 2 hours to find best fire textures and ended up collecting 40. Among those 30 seems to come after first filter. Here am sharing all those that might save your time in deed.

1. 20 High Resolution Fire Textures

2. The Fire

3. Fire Texture by Sirius

4. Sparkles #1

5. Sparkles #2

6. Match Stick Fire

7. Realistic Fire

8. Magallan

9. Patita

10. GN Mills

11. Fire Glass

12. Fire Textures by Claraxy

13. Fire Scribble

14. Explosion

15. Fire Crackers

16. Igniter

17. Autumn

18. Fire Textures by Krasska

19. Fire Textures by Krasska #2

20. 10 Big Light Fire Textures

21. Volcanic & Fire Textures

22. Evil Fire

23. Fire Love

24. Fire Stock

25. Tgphotographer

26. Dragon Man

27. Fire Package Blaze

28. Fire & Spark

29. Seamless Fire by Suicidecre

30. Lava Texture

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