31 Cartoons and Illustrations Made for the Victims of the Charlie Hebdo Shooting

The famous line originally coined by Edward Bulwer-Lytton which states that “the pen is mightier than the sword” has been widely commemorated because of the horrifying incident at the office of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. A dozen or so journalists died during their regular weekly meeting as they were discussing their articles for the next issue and until now there were no reports as to the clear reason of the said massacre.

While the people in France are grieving for this fatal shooting in their country, some illustrators and cartoonists around the world joined hands to come up with cartoons expressing their feelings more persuasively related to this awful incident. And to give a memorable tribute of this horrific event especially for the victims who never failed to use their pens to express their freedom of speech and had beautifully captured their messages about particular and wider society issues, here are some of the illustrations made passionately for all of you:

charlies-hebdo01 charlies-hebdo02 charlies-hebdo03 charlies-hebdo04 charlies-hebdo05 charlies-hebdo06 charlies-hebdo07 charlies-hebdo08 charlies-hebdo09 charlies-hebdo10 charlies-hebdo11 charlies-hebdo12 charlies-hebdo13 charlies-hebdo15 charlies-hebdo16 charlies-hebdo17 charlies-hebdo18 charlies-hebdo19 charlies-hebdo20 charlies-hebdo21 charlies-hebdo22 charlies-hebdo23 charlies-hebdo24 charlies-hebdo25 charlies-hebdo26 charlies-hebdo27 charlies-hebdo28 charlies-hebdo29 charlies-hebdo30 charlies-hebdo31

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