35 Creative Examples of Vertorama Photography

Have you ever wondered how the photographers capture vertorama? While in panorama, we primarily focus on the horizontal vista, in vertorama we need to focus on the vertical stretch of landscape present in front of us. There is a particular technique which the photographers must master for getting a perfect vertorama or vertical angle panorama. By the application of this particular technique, the intricate details of the lower as well as the upper grounds can be captured magnificently, thereby giving the photograph an expansive feel. Here are few tips that will help you in your journey for creating beautiful vertorama.

The subjects in the vertorama photography can be nature or the grand historical buildings and monuments or the high rises of a modern metropolis. However, to create the illusion effect the photographers need to compose the in their mind beforehand. Thereafter they have to capture different parts of the vertical vista present in front of them in different parts and merge them with the help of photo editing software to create a perfect picture. Along with a good camera, the photographers will also be in need of a tripod so that they can click the photos of the vertical vista from the same angle.

Here are thirty five stunning examples of vertorama from which the photographers can draw inspiration before experimenting in this genre of photography. These examples are of a varied range of subjects like natural and artificial ones. Study them well and share your valuable ideas with us and the other viewers. Enjoy!!

1. In Between Red lines

2. Gundam

3. St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral HDR Vertorama

4. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry HDR Vertorama

5. Baha’i House of Worship

6. Selat Mosque

7. Staples Center Panorama

8. Hamburger Dom Ferris Wheel

9. Chiesa Cattolica Parrocchia S.Alessandro


10. Vertorama

11. Sunrise of Teluk Tempoyak, Vertorama style

12. Gloucester Cathedral Cloister

13. Cold

14. The Kometik

15. The chieftain graves

16. U.S. Capitol

17. Hagia Sofia

18. Jesuites

19. Sharp corner

20. Mucigliani – Tuscany

21. Viverone lake

22. The Memories

23. Berlin Olympic Stadium Panorama HDR

24. Asamkirche, München

25. Setia Sky Residences

26. Powai Lake

27. Brompton Oratory

28. City Sunset Panorama

29. Red Rocks Park

30. Jefferson Memorial HDR Vertorama

31. St Antuan Church…

32. St. Vitus Cathedral…Prague

33. Time Square

34. Keep

35. The Sept

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  • Julia Agnes

    so inspiring photos! like them )

  • Yogesh Goplani

    I find “In Between Red Lines” the best, yet others are equally amazing.

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