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With the recent popularity of 3D it is no surprise that some website designers have begun to experiment with the media. Far from a fad, this could be the next big development in web design.

With the development of movies, televisions, and video games in 3D it’s no surprise that many web design degree programs have begun to turn their attention towards the potential of creating websites that are optimized with 3D technology. While this trend is still in its earliest stages it is expected to pick up within the next year, especially as 3D becomes a bigger and bigger part of daily life for many people. Although there have not yet been 3D computers developed the way that there have been televisions many companies are hard at work already on creating amazing 3D effects online.

So what would it take to create 3D websites? Although 3D effects are largely a visual phenomenon, involving he way that we perceive images, code is already being created to turn other elements of website design into effective 3D. Text, maps, games, and even social networking could eventually all be benefited by 3D technology. Could you imagine having a new private message pop out at you, or imagines on a map seeming like they are right there in front of you?

With the advanced techniques learned through a website design degree program, individuals could even learn to create interactive 3D experiences. Fully customizable and able to cater to the particular whims of the person viewing the site, 3D images could highlight critical points or information. This technology could even be used by individuals who are dyslexic (or who have other learning disabilities) to help them absorb information more fully.

The ability to connect televisions with computer networks also highlights the potential for certain websites to go 3D, due to the recent release of 3D televisions onto the market. By being able to connect to websites through these televisions many people in website design degree programs are already seeing where the market will have the potential to go in the next few years.

There is no way of knowing just yet how the current trend of using 3D throughout our daily lives will eventually impact the way that we design and use media. For now, website design professionals are exploring the possibilities of this new and exciting media.

Author bio: Meg Moore lives and works in Texas. She has attended both the University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University. She writes for web design online degree

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  • Nice post. The idea of 3D website design is relatively new and it could work wonders if 3D pages are created and maintained properly

  • frases de namorados

    3D is really trendy right now. especially now that photoshop has 3d features embeded on it…

  • man they got there already! the world is definitely moving fast

  • 3deality

    There is a difference between 3D websites that use stereoscopic techniques to show depth and 3D websites that show the website itself in a 3D environment, not necessarily in a stereoscopic way.

    To get an idea of the last category go to http://www.3deality.com You will find a 3D website where the contents is shown inside a world. The visitor can walk around, view information and can even communicate with others.

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    3D is definately a fast growing industry and I believe only matter of time before it becomes big part of websites and websign design. Some really interesting point made in this article and following posts…

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