4 Art Shows to Visit in 2013

Paintings, crafts, sculptures, architecture, music – the list of creations that fall under the header of “art” goes on and on, giving each one of us something wonderful to set our eyes, ears and other sense organs on, and eliciting emotional responses and even sheer awe of what the human mind is able to form and shape.

Whether you need inspiration for your next project, or you’re simply an artsy soul that appreciates the creativeness of others, here are four art shows to visit in 2013:



1. Miami International Art Fair

Miami International Art Fair

The fourth edition of the Miami International Art Fair is set to go ahead this next month, bringing together collectors and curators from around the world to lay eyes on some of the most exciting galleries available today! Entrenched and emerging artists alike will be on hand to show their stuff, including paintings, sculptures, and much more.

This five day event will have something to offer every art enthusiast, whether you’re there to compare your work, gain motivation, or simply to appreciate the creative mind. With most festivities held on board the mega yacht SeaFair, the venue alone boasts the power to awe and inspire!

When and Where: Sunny Miami, Florida is the place to be for this show from January 18-21, 2013, giving you an excuse to leave a likely colder climate for white sand beaches. Turn your visit into a vacation by checking into a beautiful hotel at a great rate withMiamihotels.org!

2. The Art Show 2013

The Art Show 2013

Whether you’re an artist looking to get your work out to the masses, or simply someone who enjoys new, amateur art, The Artist Project is exactly the type of art show for you! This professional event promises to excite art experts on the prowl for new and unique additions to their collections, supporting burgeoning artists and the next generation of creativity all the while.

For those attending in order to show their stuff, The Art Show promises to reward its best exhibitor of 2013 via a vote that will end the show, with the prize being a free booth at the 2014 edition.

When and Where: The Art Show 2013 will be held at the Better Living Centre in Toronto, Ontario from February 21-24, 2013, giving you the opportunity to experience the unique setting of Canada!

3. La Quinta Arts Festival 2013

La Quinta Arts Festival 2013

Set for its 31st annual showing, the La Quinta Arts Festival will grace the city of Palm Springs, California in 2013, bringing with its a huge showing of unique art exhibitions to suit the tastes of all in attendance. To sweeten the pot, all proceeds raised by the festival will make their way to a fund that aims to promote and cultivate the arts in general, allowing every ticket holder to do their part to keep creativity going!

When and Where: Palm Springs, California will provide the backdrop for 2013’s edition of the La Quinta Arts Festival, putting you right in the middle of one of the world’s most renowned desert resorts from March 7-10, 2013.

4. Hong Kong International Art Fair

Hong Kong International Art Fair

With more than 100 galleries and 20,000 visitors expected to attend, the Hong Kong International Art Fair is a great place to be for art enthusiasts in 2013, offering a unique mix of Eastern and Western art that everyone will appreciate (and even street art like in this roundup).

Well-known for helping to give emerging artists a boost in popularity and demand, ART HK is a premiere destination no matter your purpose in attending!

When and Where: Visit the exotic Chinese region of Hong Kong from May 23-26, 2013 in order to take in the festivities at the Hong Kong International Art Show, giving yourself a unbeatable taste of Eastern culture and global art.

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