5 Advantages of CSS Web Design

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is a language, which is used in a webpage’s presentation. Colours, fonts, layout, and many other things are included and handled by CSS. For people who like to add some creativity, energize their websites, and use some attractive styles to their web designs, CSS is the perfect choice.

Shifting to CSS, from any other source, may be a difficult and time-consuming task. However, CSS has many advantages and benefits. Following are the top 5 advantages associated with using CSS for web design.

1. Search Engine Friendly

One of the biggest advantages of using CSS for web design is that it is search engine friendly. Because of its ability to use a much simpler coding technique, the search engines find your website’s data more easy to locate, read and understand. This benefit of easy comprehension, assists search  engines in locating the crawlable portions of your website. In short, using CSS for web design can directly increase the amount of your website’s traffic, since search engines have an easier job of finding relevant information to match search queries.

2. Reduction in Bandwidth

Another great benefit of using the CSS web design is that it significantly reduces your website’s bandwidth. The main reason is that all the CSS documents are stored externally. This prevents every page of your website to get loaded with each visit. This significant reduction in bandwidth also makes it a more cost-effective option, as you can save a lot of money on the web-hosting charges.

3. Browser Compatibility

Browser compatibility is another great advantage of CSS web design, which cannot be ignored. With the ever-growing amount of Internet browsers in the market, the importance of cross-browser compatible websites has increased tremendously. CSS web design ensures that your website is built in a cross-browser compatible mode, with room to accommodate users coming from any Internet browser.

4. Easier to Update

A great feature of the CSS web design is that it is far easier to update than other designing methods. CSS web design offers you the ability to update and/or change anything on all the webpages simultaneously, without bothering to update each and every webpage individually. This convenient feature saves a lot of precious time.

5. Better Visual Options

Last, but not the least, CSS web design gives you more control on your website’s appearance and visual options. You can easily have a website with a more attractive and better visual appearance, with numerous styles and designs for your website.

The Writer: Matt Fuller is a design consultant for web design Australia and Website Hotline.


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